Rod Stewart’s Rare Ferrari F50 Up For Sale

Procuring: Costly Purchase Ahead.

Throughout the world of supercars, very few names exemplify admiration and awe more than does the Ferrari F50. This model is associated with speed, grace, and celebrated aristocracy; achieving this presence ever since its inception in 1995. By bringing together the name of a storied Rock and Roll star, Rod Stewart, it becomes a story of unequalled significance. At this moment, an identical red Ferrari F50 that once belonged to the musical giant is set to be sold at an auction.

The distinctive Ferrari F50, with its race-based naturally aspirated 4.7L V12 motor, is undeniably a true analog supercar. Noteworthy as it was originally procured by Rod Stewart in 1996, and delivered by Maranello Concessionaires Ltd in the UK. It received registration in June of 1997, yet soon made a short trip to Dubai in 2002., before returning to England by 2007. In the years to follow, this rare vehicle has exchanged hands amongst six other drivers, until arriving to its current proprietor less than three years ago, whom has affectionately safeguarded it ever since.

The odometer impressively shows a low 10,998 miles since it was new. Significantly, the automobile underwent a comprehensive annual service along with a newly installed clutch in August of this year, guaranteeing that it stays in excellent condition for its lucky new owner. In addition, the Ferrari Classiche certification obtained for the F50 back in 2014 does confirm the fact that both the engine and the gearbox are still original matching numbers, hence enhancing its authenticity and desirability.

The automobile encountered an interval of alteration when it was repainted in a deep gray shade and its seating was custom-fitted. On the other hand, during a partial redress, it was restored to its authentic factory detail with painting administered by the applauded Zanasi Group, making a route for its Classiche accreditation.

The blessed purchaser of this remarkable Ferrari F50 will obtain not merely the Classiche ‘red folder’ but also a large history dossier. Bearing proof of the motorcar’s linkage to Rod Stewart, it involves the primitive registration documents, a replica of the assurance book sheet earmarked for the rock star in June 1997, plus an amalgam of prior maintenance documents. To make it really special, a collection of F50 lithographic prints, the F50 hard cover and flight case, a boot bag, a suit carrier, scarce F50 driver shoes, and two keys are deployed with the deal, alluring any Ferrarismatico.

This piece of legendary automotive and rock music history is being auctioned off by Collecting Cars, with only nine days to go before the conclusion of the web-based sale. To date, there have been eight bids, and the top of them stands at an amount of £2,000,000 or $2,444,410 according to the present foreign exchange rate.

Source: Collecting Cars

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