Hyundai Electric Truck To Compete With Ford Ranger – 2024

Hyundai Pickup Electric to Launch in Australia 2024

Hyundai Australia has confidently proclaimed that they plan to debut an electrified pickup before 2024, has stated CarExpert.

Addressing the press at the Australian debut of the new Sonata, John Kett, the COO, declared more specifics will be revealed in the following year, suggesting an unveiling sometime during the year 2024.

“We believe [the truck market] is heading down that direction, and I think it’s quite stimulating, isn’t it?” Kett commented. Hyundai Australia’s COO has previously recognized that a solely electric pickup won’t be viable, so the company is likely to introduce a hybrid initially. It’s unclear as of now if the Hyundai truck will be a regular hybrid or a plug-in hybrid, but we’d wager on the latter.

It would be logical for Hyundai to accommodate as a large amount of individuals as attainable, comparable to how the Ford Ranger and equivalent Kristin Cottonusts operate in Australia.

The American automaker Ford has already unveiled a plug-in hybrid edition of the Ranger, due to make its debut in Europe around the year 2025. It’s certainly still some time off, giving Hyundai plenty of opportunity for refining their very first midsize truck.

“Many individuals who are anxious about the electrification of cars are apprehensive about the cost point on one side and its capacity to offer the services that Australia requires. This announcement [demonstrates] that someone can do it – we have not heard about the capability of it.”

The statement to which Kett is alluding is Chinese producer BYD’s declaration that it plans to launch a plug-in hybrid lorry before the year 2024 draws to a close, as well as an entirely electric version in the subsequent year. Although Hyundai won’t be at the vanguard of this industry sector, Kett has faith that the Korean marque will take action when the period is apt.

“When considering our options, pricing is certainly a factor to consider, but so too is the capability,” he continued. “We’re getting closer to a point where we can speak to both of these aspects, so let’s just be patient and see what happens. As they say, build it and they will come, right?”

In the US, Hyundai currently provides the Santa Cruz as a slimmer alternative to the Ford Maverick. While its smaller size affords a degree of practicality, the unibody chassis does not lend itself to being inherently durable. So, for Hyundai to garner success in countries such as Australia, USA, Thailand, and South Africa, they must commit to this new model having a hardier integral framework.

The Hyundai Motor Company, who owns and operates Kia, is reportedly in the process of creating a newfound truck dubbed the ‘Tasman’. We anticipate that this model will benefit largely from the input of its related Kia counterpart to remain cost-effective. It shouldn’t be too long so before we get our first glimpse of Kia’s new vehicle; an announcement with more details should be made soon.

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