Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Priced Higher Than Tesla Model Y Performance

Is the high-end Hyundai worth the investment?

The upcoming 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N is anticipated to be the swiftest and most dominating vehicle ever manufactured by Hyundai. The price tag for this impressive electric car, which boasts a staggering 641 horsepower, has recently been revealed and stands at $66,100 (excluding $1,375 for shipping). However, it should be noted that the vehicle will only be available in one fully-equipped version.

Let’s take a moment to remind you of the impressive features that come with the Ioniq 5 N. This vehicle boasts two electric motors that work together to produce an outstanding 641 horsepower when the N Grin Boost is activated. These powerful motors can launch the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.25 seconds and achieve a top speed of 162 mph. The addition of the new N e-Shift feature allows for a simulation of eight gears, similar to those found in a dual-clutch transmission. While we are aware that the N will have a larger 82-kWh battery pack, the official range has not yet been disclosed. As it stands, Hyundai currently faces stiff competition from two main rivals: the Kia EV6 GT and the Tesla Model Y Performance.

Hyundai faces stiff competition from its own sister company, Kia, with the release of the Kia EV6 GT. Being based on the same E-GMP platform as the Ioniq 5, it shares similar advantages when it comes to swift charging and reduced charging time. However, its smaller 77.4-kWh battery limits its driving range to only 218 miles. On the other hand, we predict that the upcoming Ioniq 5 N, equipped with a larger battery and other impressive upgrades, will outperform the EV6 GT. Additionally, the EV6 GT lacks the innovative N e-Shift feature, which is also present in the Genesis GV60 as Virtual Gear Shift (VGS).

Kia has a clear advantage over Hyundai when it comes to pricing, as the EV6 GT is priced at $61,600. Its power output is slightly lower at 576 hp and its official 0-60 mph time is 3.4 seconds, which is a bit slower. However, tests conducted by third parties have shown that the Kia can reach 60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds. Therefore, it is possible that the Ioniq 5 N could be even faster.

The Tesla Model Y Performance is undoubtedly an impressive vehicle, and what’s even more impressive is its affordability with a starting price of $52,490. In comparison, the Ioniq 5 N from Hyundai, which starts at a higher price point, is not eligible for the $7,500 tax credit like the American-made Tesla. However, it’s worth noting that the Korean-built Hyundai does come fully loaded with top-of-the-line features such as 21-inch forged wheels, rear-axle e-LSD, heated and ventilated front seats, and Highway Driving Assist 2. On the other hand, equipping the Model Y with Enhanced Autopilot will cost an extra $6,000, and opting for the still-in-beta Full Self-Driving Capability comes at a hefty price tag of $12,000. With these add-ons, the cost of the Tesla Model Y almost matches that of the Hyundai.

Boasting an impressive 455 horsepower, the Model Y Performance boasts a 3.5-second time to reach 60 mph, slightly slower than its competitors. Additionally, it falls short in terms of top speed, capping out at 155 mph. As for the Ioniq 5 N, it remains unclear how many miles it can cover before needing to be charged. In comparison, the Tesla can travel up to 279 miles with its 85-kWh battery. However, Hyundai claims the Ioniq 5 N has a peak charge speed of 238 kW, allowing it to go from 10% to 80% charge in just 18 minutes – a rate that is on par with the Tesla.

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