Hyundai Mobion Concept Revolutionizes Turning with Innovative Design

Ioniq 5-inspired concept effortlessly outperforms Hummer EV’s crabwalk.

Hyundai Mobis, the subsidiary responsible for manufacturing parts for the Hyundai Motor Group, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking concept car at CES 2024 that promises to revolutionize parking. Dubbed the Mobion Concept (a combination of ‘Mobis’ and ‘On’), this vehicle is based on the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5, but boasts distinctive lights, bumpers, and wheels to distinguish it from its predecessor. However, the primary objective behind its creation is to showcase the cutting-edge e-Corner System, which allows for steering from both the front and rear axles. As a result, the Mobion Concept can achieve remarkable sideways and diagonal movements that are impossible for any production car. Think of the GMC Hummer EV’s famous Crab Walk feature, but with even greater practicality.

The mechanism utilizes four miniature motors in every wheel instead of a solitary larger motor on each axle. This grants autonomous operation for each wheel, with individual control over braking, steering, and suspension occurring within the wheel itself.

[CES 2024] Movement Re-defined

During Hyundai’s previous showcase of this technology, the vehicle bore a striking resemblance to a typical Ioniq 5 model. However, the latest edition boasts updated LED lights on both the front and rear bumpers, serving more than just an aesthetic purpose. In fact, the front lights now have the ability to indicate the direction in which a pedestrian is crossing the street, while the rear lights can signal to other drivers to refrain from changing lanes if it detects the presence of pedestrians or potential obstructions.

The Mobion is equipped with three LiDAR sensors, one long-distance in the center and two short-distance ones near each headlight. These sensors work together to identify and detect objects that are in close proximity. In addition to this, the Mobion has the capability of performing Ground Projection, which involves projecting lights onto the ground in order to indicate the direction of movement. What’s more, it has the remarkable function of creating crosswalk stripes for pedestrians as soon as they are recognized.

The video showcases Hyundai’s Mobion and its features that can simplify driving. Instead of performing a U-turn, the Mobion is capable of executing a Zero Turn, which involves rotating 360 degrees on its own wheelbase by simultaneously turning the front and rear wheels. Another useful function is the Crab Drive, which allows the car to move sideways, as demonstrated by smoothly approaching a ticket gate without needing to go backward or forward. Additionally, the Mobion offers other impressive maneuvers such as the Pivot Turn, Diagonal Drive, and Reverse Drive, all of which enhance its ability to navigate through confined spaces, surpassing the maneuverability of traditional cars, including those with rear-axle steering.

The idea is still in its initial stage, however, Hyundai aims to bring these advanced technologies within reach and make them feasible for everyday use in the future.

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