Hyundai: Mobion Concept Unveiled at CES 2024

In-Vehicle Rollable Display Included

Hyundai Mobis (Integrated Mobility Solutions Beyond), a technology arm of the famed automaker, will introduce their Mobion concept vehicle at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the month of January.

It is evident that the Mobion remains a mystery; however, it is thought to be based on the Ioniq 5. Hyundai’s determination in utilizing this specific version rather than the Ioniq 6 or Kona Electric could be attributable to Mobis’ intent of presenting a refined adaptation of the technology that has previously been seen fitted to the Ioniq 5.

The Mobion will possess Hyundai’s innovative e-Corner system, enabling each wheel to rotate up to 90 degrees. This provides for services similar to Zero Turn, Pivot Turn, and Diagonal Driving, while still featuring a distinct outer design unlike the Ioniq 5. We have encountered these attributes in other models, yet they are implemented in a unique way within this car.

[CES 2024] Re-defining Movement

It is evident that Hyundai has something unique up its sleeve for the upcoming CES 2024 event. Introducing the new Innovative Transparent Display series, this consists of an in-car roll-out display and a spiral display. Moreover, this display has been powered with Quantum Dot and Local Dimming Display (QL) to provide a 3D viewing experience approximating OLED quality.

The evidential screen will incorporate holographic visual components, but the main draw is its capacity to furnish the motorist with significant data while not impeding the sight of the path in front. According to Mobis, this translucent rolling exhibit also manufactures an atmosphere of spaciousness that fixed displays can’t reach. Imagine it being a heightened version of a head-up display.

This screen can also enlarge pictures on the windshield, thereby allowing the motorist to view essential items such as battery life without impeding his vision. Mobis asserts that this innovation will revolutionize how automobile cabins look in the future; however, its production needs to be scaled up to make it more economical.

We’re poised to redefine the Movement. At #CES2024, we’ll be displaying our revolutionary MOBION platform which will take CES by storm. Our top-of-the-line technologies such as our e-Corner System and Interaction Lighting will be featured, offering an entirely new experience…

Demonstrations of several useful tools are planned to be presented at the event. Mobis will feature its new 22kW Charging Control Unit, which has been crafted specifically with V2G capabilities in mind. The most appealing aspect of this is that it provides double the power of the common 11 kW currently found in the market.

Halving the time it takes to charge an EV rapidly, let us use the Hyundai Ioniq 6 as a benchmark. It provides one of the longest electric driving ranges available, having taken 18 minutes to charge from 10% up to 80%. Luckily, this cutting-edge system now reduces that period to less than ten minutes – Talk about convenient!

Hyundai is vowing that its showroom will have an interactive element this time. In contrast to its largely visual displays in the past, attendees will be able to explore the Mobion up close. We’ll be there to report,so ensure to keep an eye on our social media outlets for all the news.


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