Indulge in Your Truck Fantasies with This Cartoonishly Extended Dodge Ram 4500

Spare the Rod Knock, Embrace the Kei Truck: A Perfect Fit for Your Hauling Needs

The realm of car innovation has limitless possibilities. Various bizarre designs can be spotted online, but the truly peculiar creations reside in the classifieds. It is a place where fantasies, such as this 2015 Dodge Ram 4500 with a manual transmission and a modified 14-foot bed, are abandoned.

This particular truck is quite a sight as it is made from a typical cab-and-frame truck that is typically used for commercial purposes such as a flatbed or a box truck. However, its seller, Jason Arbuckle, has transformed it into something unique by extending the 2500 dually bed to fit the longer chassis. He even gave it a personalized touch with a license plate that reads “STR88CH.” According to the advertisement, Arbuckle purchased this truck when it only had 197 miles on it and has since driven it for a total of 54,000 miles, with a majority of those miles covered using the elongated bed.

Let’s face it, the most impressive aspect of this brodozer is the undeniable evidence that a Honda Acty kei truck can easily fit into the spacious bed. Not to mention the immense swimming pool that can be found inside the pickup bed. And let’s not forget about the extravagant workbox setup that still allows for half of the bed to be used for practical Truck Stuff. But what truly sets this truck apart is the combination of a 4500 Cummins engine and manual gearbox, making it a highly specialized vehicle for those who appreciate Truck Stuff. Sure, it may seem absurd to own, park, and show off, but it fully commits to its unique style.

Regrettably, the distance was not favorable to the Cummins diesel motor, which has incurred a knocking sound in its connecting rod. Arbuckle is set on his demand for $20,000 for the vehicle, despite the damaged engine, and asserts that he will retain it if he can gather enough funds for the necessary repairs. However, if you are prepared to shell out a substantial sum for an unusual limousine truck in need of restoration, then search no more.

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