Sim-Racer Experiences Epic Drifting in Real Car

Preparing for Motorsports Through Sim Racing

A novice sim-racer with zero background in drifting has astounded the globe by illustrating that capabilities augmented from video games can be transformed into real life. He accomplished this by taking a spin in a Nissan S15 Formula Drift (FD) vehicle, and, with only some moderate counsel, slide it like an expert.

Zack O’Sullivan, also known by his gaming alias ‘Mistified,’ sought fame and glory within the competitive sim racing community. His accomplishments in Forza Motorsport earned him renown, with notable achievements include winning multiple tournaments and topping several race leagues. Eventually, he crossed into the drifting genre, tackling the challenge of mastering Assetto Corsa using an A70/Mk3 Toyota Supra. He has since become celebrated for his outstanding performance in this discipline.

"Can a Sim Drift Champion Handle a Real 900HP Formula Drift Machine?

However, O’Sullivan is no inexperienced newcomer to the Drifting world since he’s an experienced spotter for professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Litteral. This spotter experience likely proved beneficial when it came to converting his virtual drifting aptitude into reality, helping Litteral in making ideal drift runs.

In the video illustrated, Litteral nonchalantly provided O’Sullivan with the keys to his S15. After introducing him to the team and providing him with a briefing, he allowed O’Sullivan some time to become familiarized with the car’s operations. Following several cautious runs, O’Sullivan put his foot down and started drifting right away.

A message posted by Zack (@jsi_mistified) is now out there. This communique does not just enlighten but also amazes. It’s an inspiration, for sure! A real sight to behold and undoubtedly gripping – his post will take your breath away.

All the while O’Sullivan was drifting, he had complete oversight of his 900-horsepower turbocharged vehicle and effortlessly navigated the circuit Litteral’s squad had put together. On par with Max Verstappen, O’Sullivan exhibited his adaptability to masterful power oversteer as much as Mad Mike Whiddett.

Max, of course, is a renowned F1 champ, but ever wonder what the special link between them is? Sim Racing has been the answer; Verstappen believed to have employed it as an exercise to refine his abilities beforehand for F1.

Seeing sim racers having success has been a common occurrence in recent years, particularly due to the famed Gran Turismo movie. This piece of work follows the true narrative of motorsport driver Jann Mardenborough as he took part in the virtual racing tournament that led him to becoming a pro racer with Nissan GT Academy.

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