Introducing the Revamped Mazda6: A New Rear-Wheel-Drive Electric Sedan

The EZ-6 to launch as a plug-in hybrid exclusively in the Chinese market for now.

Mazda discontinued the 6 from its range in the United States in 2021 before ending sales in the UK last year, and more recently in Japan just a few months ago. Despite this, the mid-size sedan/wagon was never completely phased out in Europe and other regions. In China, a new version of the 6 has been introduced, although it bears no resemblance to the older model which has been in production since 2012.

Introducing the EZ-6. Created through a collaboration between Changan Mazda, this stylish sedan will be available in fully electric and plug-in hybrid versions. It features the distinctive Kodo design aesthetic, with a partly illuminated grille and retractable door handles. The taillights bear a resemblance to those seen on Jaguars, and possibly the headlights too. Unexpectedly, there is an active spoiler above the light bar at the rear of the car, a feature not commonly found on sedans.

The Mazda EZ-6 is equipped with 19-inch aero wheels and features a spacious panoramic glass roof along with frameless doors. According to reports from China, this electric/plug-in hybrid sedan is derived from the Changan Shenlan SL03 but has been upgraded to cater to a more upscale market with a luxurious interior. The interior of the vehicle seems to deviate significantly from the typical Mazda offerings available worldwide, possibly due to its Chinese origins. Despite this, the cabin exudes a sense of comfort and sophistication, highlighted by the unique full-length “floating” center console.

Accompanying these official photos are some preliminary details. The Mazda EZ-6 comes with a rear-wheel-drive system in its electric version. Featuring a balanced 50:50 weight distribution and a multi-link rear suspension, it offers an optimal driving experience. As per the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC), the unspecified battery pack provides a range of 373 miles. The plug-in hybrid variant can travel up to 621 miles before requiring a refuel for both gas and battery.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 193.7 inches in length, 74.4 inches in width, and 58.4 inches in height. This makes it a bit larger than its predecessor. Mazda has confirmed that they will not be introducing a new version of the current 6 model on their rear-wheel-drive platform with inline-six engines. At present, this platform is only utilized for four SUVs: the CX-60, CX-70, CX-80, and CX-90.

The EZ-6 will be available for purchase in China after making its first appearance this week at the Beijing Auto Show. This mid-size sedan, which is a combination of electric and plug-in hybrid technologies, is not expected to be sold in other countries.

Source: Mazda

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