Jay Leno Amazed by Ferrari 296 GTB

Talk Show Host Not Upset With Ferrarri 296 GTB Purchase

Jay Leno, the ex-late night show host and committed auto enthusiast, has nothing positive to say about Ferrari. He even professed that buying a car made by the Italian manufacturer was like patronising a dominatrix. Nonetheless, this does not mean that he detests the vehicles made in Maranello; he has even displayed a number of Ferraris on his YouTube series, including the exceptionally rare yellow Ferrari F50.

Recently, Leno was been impressed with the Ferrari 296 GTB (with the Assetto Fiorano package) brought in by fellow auto enthusiast David Lee. In spite of many people cringing at its hybrid V6, Leno found driving it quite stimulating.

2023 Ferrari 296 GTB - Jay Leno's Garage

Before climbing in the driver’s seat, Leno commented that the 296 GTB had a pretty reasonable cost. Despite having a somewhat costly list price of $338,255, he highlighted the fact that it was competitive with McLaren’s comparably priced selection. He was also pleased to see that it came with an absolutely superb seven-year warranty, which is amongst the best available for a supercar.

Leno commented that the V12-like sound of the engine was not too loud, but still had a growl reminiscent of the Italian carmaker’s older and larger engines. He went on to say that the clutch was smooth, and that the dual-clutch gearboxes are “the greatest idea ever”. He was impressed that the car was packed with tech, rather than having it skimped on.

The magnificent 296 GTB features a 2.9-liter V6 hybrid with the capacity to generate 819 horsepower, setting it apart from the tumultuously prodigious McLaren P1. Despite its amazing output rate, Leno and Lee both argued that these grandiose stats were far more than sufficient for a vehicle of its size.

It was hardly unexpected that the Ferrari 296 GTB, which included the Assetto Fiorano package, managed to clock a total elapsed time of 6 minutes and 58.7 seconds at the Nurburgring – now officially taking the crown as the quickest mass-produced Ferrari at the course. Even still, Maranello’s craftsmanship remains highly desirable during this current period of hybrid sportscar engineering.

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