Jay Leno Revs Up 57K RPM Jet-Powered Racecar

Racecar from the ’60s Still Amazes Jay Leno on Air Strip.

Jay Leno’s Garage has ascended to the top of YouTube’s most beloved channels, offering its massive scope of viewership a glimpse into the unheard of world of Jay Leno’s car collection estimated to exceed one hundred million dollars. Not only does Leno possess some of the zaniest motor vehicles in existence, but he also frequently takes them for joyrides, bringing more than three and a half million admirers the prospects to educate themselves and encounter some of the wildest high-performance rides.

This latest footage depicts Jay taking the helm of the Howmet TX, a jet-engine equipped speedster that is certain to astonish anyone nearby – literally. Being well-acquainted with unusual automobiles, this turbine auto resides in Leno’s area of expertise, as it sports the same motor as his turbocharged motorcycle.

Jay Leno Drives Jet-Powered Racecar: The Howmet TX

The Howmet TX, fashioned in 1968 for the sole purpose of racing, contains a dual-stage turbine design operating off the TS325-1 gas turbine and propelling the Rear Wheel Drive vehicle to obtain the initial wins for a turbine-powered car in SCCA competition, as well as still retains its unrivaled position till the present moment.

Two plus decades ago, lots of backyard engineers dreamed about attaching a jet engine to an uncommon vehicle and giving it a shot. Still, Bob Mckee remains an icon within the domain of auto racing due to designing the Howmet TX into a striking yet practical combination.

Jay converses with Bob about the design of the car and its efficiency, especially since it is equipped with such an atypical power source. He highlights that having only one gear would significantly reduce driver exhaustion associated with frequent shifting on particular circuit raceways.

Bob alerts Jay to the fact that their vehicle has a speedy modification system, enabling them to alter the transmission rate to handle various track courses. Jay additionally accentuates that, after a bit of sluggishness at the starting stage, cars with jet engines can smoke the 1/4 mile competitions.

The Howmet TX presents a lightweight figure in its all-aluminum construction, magnesium wheels, and a total mass of 1,790 lbs. Its immense torque of 650 lb-ft offers Jay a truly exhilarating riding journey.

There’s no mistaking the exhilaration one experiences when igniting the jet turbines in the Howmet TX. The unmistakably resonant hum of the engine pulsating can get your pulse racing before you even begin to make use of the full throttle. Given the all-clear, Jay eagerly seizes the moment to realy unleash the power of this open-air craft and watch it take off!

Jay proclaims the car is a genuine exhilaration, with the force of it’s rocket engines presenting shocking impetus when at full speed. He professes it has prompted him to take another look at his collection of Jay Leno motorcycles and start riding his jet-propelled bike yet again.

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