Jeep’s First All-Electric SUV, the Wagoneer S, Set for Unveiling

Late 2022 Concept Readies for Production’s Grand Unveiling

Jeep has initiated its promotional efforts for its forthcoming international electric vehicle, the Wagoneer S, in preparation for its debut this autumn. Previously unveiled as a prototype in September 2022, the Wagoneer S will mark new territory for the company, as it will be its initial battery-powered offering for sale in the US. The Jeep Avenger is currently limited to the European market.

Marketed as a top-of-the-line electric sport utility vehicle, the Wagoneer S is similar in size to the popular Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is constructed on the STLA Large platform and will also serve as the foundation for the upcoming electric model of the Dodge Charger.

The sneak peek assets consist of a YouTube Short and one primary photograph featuring the Wagoneer S model. This vehicle seems to maintain several design features seen in the previous concept version, as shown in the lower galleries.

Coming fast. Really, really fast. The all-new, 100% electric Jeep® Wagoneer S. Coming Fall 2024.

The primary goal will not revolve around navigating difficult landscapes, as the dedicated task has been assigned to the soon-to-be-released Jeep Recon. This was made evident when a prototype was revealed alongside the initial Wagoneer S concept.

Jeep has once again emphasized that the Wagoneer S model will feature a 4xe powertrain equipped with all-terrain management, allowing for a dual-motor system to power both front and rear axles. This robust powertrain boasts 600 horsepower and impressive acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

Initially, the idea was claimed to have a focus on covering a distance of 400 miles. However, it remains uncertain if this remains the objective. What has been established is that the Wagoneer S intends to compete with its local adversary- the Cadillac Lyriq.

Initially, it was announced that the Wagoneer S moniker would only be used for the concept and that a different name would be selected for the production version. However, recent developments reveal that Jeep officials have decided to stick with the original choice of Wagoneer S. This decision is understandable, as the name effectively represents the upscale Wagoneer sub-brand. We commend them for making a sound branding decision.

Although the previews do not provide much insight into the new electric vehicle, there is a clear indication of its electrified status with a full-width lightbar at the rear and an illuminated seven-slot grille. Additional details are anticipated to be released before the official unveiling.

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