KC23 Ferrari Debuts At Goodwood Spectacularly

Ferrari 488 GT3: Inspired by Vision and 499P.
Stunning new Ferrari KC23 makes world debut at Goodwood FOS

Besides its normal road and track autos, Ferrari manufactures extraordinary one-time performance vehicles for its most devoted patrons. As a special venture, it’s crafted several distinct cars such as the Ferrari SP12 for Eric Clapton or the Ferrari P4/5 initiated by James Glickenhaus. Maybe the finest and latest illustration is the KC23 which ascended up the Hill at the Goodwood this week.

The KC23 is derived from the famed Ferrari 488 GT3, although it has an outwardly distinguishable look. Its exterior design exhibits a blend of the Vision Gran Turismo as well as the successful 499P endurance car that earned first place in the June 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The silver alloy coating is much more than a mere paint job; termed “Gold Mercury,” this finish involves finishing with four separate layers of paint, exuding a brilliant, almost mirror-like appearance.

Besides the butterfly-style doors and striking paint job, the KC23 has motorized air intakes and body panels which open and close according to the engine’s temperature. Its rear wing is removable for when extra downforce is needed during track sessions, or taken off when hiding it in your garage so that its classic shape can be appreciated.

Ferrari has described the KC23 as a “tantalizing glimpse” of the brand’s future design language, despite the fact that it was developed in response to an anonymous benefactor. Its exterior may be a source of inspiration for future models, but the interior is unlikely to be replicated; instead, it features just two bucket seats, a full roll cage, and a race-spec steering wheel with control functions akin to those on a Formula One car.

As the Ferrari KC23 raced up Goodwood Hillclimb, the driver had to juggle the issues of a slippery track and avoiding a probable crash into the hay bales while simultaneously delivering an impressive performance. Luckily, both of these were achieved in the end. The vibrantly coloured car surged ahead with the sound of its V8 engine resonating across the dull landscape.

Source: Goodwood Road and Racing via YouTube

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