Introducing the PB24: The Latest One-Off Ferrari Creation

Maranello to Unveil New One-Off Creation: A Successor to KC23 and SP-8

It seems that the talented creatives at Maranello are in the process of producing a unique masterpiece, much like their previous Ferrari KC23 from last year. If this is the case, it may be named the PB24. After careful research, CarBuzz has stumbled upon a recent application for the trademark ‘Ferrari PB24’ which was submitted just a week ago to the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

Undoubtedly, Ferrari has also incorporated double-letter, double-digit monikers for their mass-produced vehicles, such as the SF90. Interestingly, these digits have been linked to the current year, evident in the case of the KC23. It is reasonable, then, to speculate that the PB24 labelwill be utilized for a unique project set to be revealed within the next year.

Potentially, this fresh exclusive creation may have been requested by an individual identified as PB, but we cannot confirm this. We can only hypothesize that the KC23 was specifically requested by someone with the initials KC based on a comparable reasoning used for Lamborghini’s exceptional SC Alston, noted for being one of their premier bespoke vehicles and concepts. Nevertheless, in that particular instance, the designation SC represents Squadra Corse and Alston was chosen as a tribute to the customer’s child.

Despite this, it appears improbable that the trademark will serve as a tribute to Ferrari’s potential accomplishments this year. As stated by the company, “Ferrari Personal Best of 2024” does not quite fit as a unique and extravagant name.

Surprisingly, the trademark request was submitted at the same time as Ferrari obtained a patent for the competition-ready model of the KC23 (indicating that it includes the rear wing). It is possible that this suggests the Special Projects department at Ferrari is in charge of both vehicles, assuming that PB24 is indeed a car.

The KC23 model took inspiration from the 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo racing vehicle and made its debut with unique exterior upgrades. It is possible that the upcoming PB24 may also be a limited edition version using the Ferrari 296 GT3 as its base, featuring exclusive body panels, updated lighting elements, and an individualized interior design. Only time will tell the significance behind this new title.

There is more than one enigmatic and novel name to come out of Ferrari. In the previous year, we unearthed numerous registered trademarks for different monikers such as Mugello, Milano, and Montecarlo. It appears that these names are set to take over the current lineup of sports and supercars. However, with Ferrari’s notoriously guarded nature, the validity of these suppositions can only be determined upon the debut of these new vehicles.

We will provide you with regular updates as the year continues.

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