Lucy & Lia’s Pikes Peak Film Honors Ken

43 Fortitude: Ken’s Legacy Endures

Ken Block’s untimely passing has certainly left a sting, yet there are countless individuals, including his beloved daughter Lia and passionate wife Lucy, that keep alive his memory as they honour his legacy.

The latter is now the center of attention for a documentary slated to run for half an hour, narrating her remarkable ascension of Pikes Peak earlier this year with the Sierra Echo EV. This film underscores not only the commitment required to climb such a great mountain but also highlights how Lucy is upholding Ken’s memory. Named 43 Fortitude: A Constant Tradition, it gives a remarkable look into Lucy’s preparations and subsequently her ascendance of the same event where Lia Block drove Ken’s Hoonipigasus Porsche 911 up the mountain as an homage.

43 Fortitude: A Continuing Legacy | Pikes Peak 2023

The documentary was captured and put into its final form by Judson Pryanovich, but notable companies like Hoonigan, Yokohama, and the 43 Institute likewise contributed to its making. Furthermore, it not simply tracks Lucy’s voyage, but devotes a section of the movie to Lia and her get-ready with the Hoonipigasus, a 1,400 horsepower hill climb beast which Ken was supposed to use to ascend up Pikes Peak.

“Our family is passionate about racing; it’s a major part of our identity. This documentary conveys that and also gives viewers at home an inside look at our journey to the top,” said Lucy Block.

Lia was on an exuberant exhibition run up the hill, whereas Lucy had entered into the Unlimited class. The Sierra Echo EV in which she drove boasted a 300-hp electric battery power-train that was exclusively tuned for this endeavour, and motivated them to produce a limited special edition model of the same. At a diminutive mass of 1,350 lbs, the amount of energy stored – 18.6 kWh – is minor as compared to a standard plug-in hybrid like the Volvo XC90 Recharge, yet its emphasis was on superior performance no matter what altitude.

Just weeks after his passing, the documentary follows Ken Block’s final legacy to us: a posthumous addition to the Gymkhana series named Electrikhana Two: A Second Playground. This gift commemorates his life and reminds us never to forget his impact on the racing world.

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