Kia Pickup Truck Reportedly Arriving in 2025

New Diesel Engine Codenamed TK Revealed

Kia’s range of models has flourished over time, including nearly all segments available. However, there are some prominent absences. Right now, the pickup truck market is on an upswing and while sister brand Hyundai is profiting on prevailing trends in the form of the Santa Cruz, Kia regrettably lacks a truck within its selection. In actuality though, it does have a truck: Since 1980, the Bongo has been marketed in certain regions, but it is predominantly seen as an commercializable car. The fourth-gen model is also very outdated as it has been available since 2005.

It appears that Kia is finally looking to address the oddity of not having a globally available pickup truck, with reports indicating that an Australian ute is on the way. According to CarExpert, WhichCar, and CarSales, local dealers have been informed that the new model – codenamed “TK” – is scheduled for launch in 2025. The vehicle has already been tested in Australia, and this news follows the body-on-frame Mohave SUV which has been on sale since 2008.

Kia is reportedly comparing its upcoming truck to the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. The Korean automaker has already declared that two EVs will be released by 2027, one of which will be based on a bespoke platform and the other being a “strategic” model for developing nations. It is thought that this is the one dealers have heard about, and it’s likely that it will be built on an architecture that can also house traditional combustion engines.

Reports have emerged that Kia is developing a new pickup truck, with all three websites claiming the vehicle will be built on a body-on-frame setup and boast a diesel engine capable of “achieving towing capacity and payload targets.” It is thought that development of the four-door pickup began in 2020, with Kia’s Australian branch assisting with the engineering of the vehicle.

The possibility of this development’s landing on Down Under shores in 2025 cannot be dismissed, with speculations bringing about the theory that an official announcement could be as early as 2021. Imaginative spy shots of a severly camouflaged prototype with apparent Mohave design with noticed, therefore suggesting its introduction may not be too far away.

CarExpert, WhichCar, and CarSales reached out to Kia and were given the following statement: “Kia is currently in the process of designing a future pickup truck that will be highly capable and suitable for its purpose. Further information will be revealed in the near future.”

Redesign the article:A newly imagined version of Kia’s Mohave SUV has been released, displaying a pickup truck design. This artist concept offers a variation on the classic SUV shape which has been adapted to meet the needs of those looking for a dynamic workhorse. With stylish elements such as added fender guards and body claddings, this interpretation of the Mohave creates an appealing aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice practicality. The spacious cabin makes it perfect for carrying both cargo and passengers across various terrain, while the muscle and robustness of the vehicle ensures it can left up whatever is needed with ease. Whether its running errands or tackling outdoor activities , this unofficial render makes a strong argument for Kia creating their own pickup.

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