Prototype Walkaround: Inside Look at Kia’s Tasman Pickup Truck!

New Details Revealed on Camouflaged Object

Kia’s latest Tasman pickup truck has been spotted in South Korea, providing us with further insights into its design before it finally unveils without any disguise.

It can be quite difficult to identify specific features of the Tasman, but its unmistakable square and upright appearance promises to make a strong impression on the road. It is expected that the design of the Tasman will draw inspiration from the EV9 as well as other Kia electric vehicles. On the other hand, there is a high likelihood that it will bear a resemblance to the Mohave, a body-on-frame SUV formerly known as the Borrego in the United States.

Recent photos of the upcoming vehicle suggest that it may have similar design elements to the Mohave, but these are still in the early stages and there is a possibility for further improvements. It is highly likely that it will feature Kia’s newly adopted corporate appearance, as seen on their latest models such as the Sorento and Carnival.

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The demonstration model featured in the video boasts 17-inch wheels and thick tires, although Kia plans to provide larger, more fashionable alloys for those who prefer a stylish look. It is challenging to get a clear glimpse of the back, but it is likely that the Tasman will come equipped with a sports bar, or at least make it available as an added feature. Comparisons can be drawn between Kia’s pickup and other mid-sized trucks like the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado, leaving speculation open for a potential release in the US market.

The center console appears to have a rather ordinary design, featuring a traditional gear shift (for automatic transmission), an ignition button, and a drive mode selector. Upon closer examination, one would also notice the buttons for optional two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive with low range.

In the second row, we can see multiple trim components on the door panel that give off a high-quality appearance. These include sewn faux leather, metallic door handles, and appealing accents.

Regarding the powertrain options, it is expected that Kia will provide a selection of turbocharged diesel and gasoline engines. This may vary depending on the market’s supply. It is probable that the American market will have access to four-cylinder turbo options, but we shouldn’t rule out the inclusion of a 3.8-liter V6 engine with a horsepower output of 280.

There is a potential for a model that could compete with the Ranger Raptor if it is powered by the dual-turbo V6 engine from the now-discontinued Kia Stinger. It is also possible that a completely electric model will be introduced, as Hyundai is currently developing an all-electric pickup truck set to launch later in 2021.

Abundant torque from a diesel six-cylinder and cost-effective four-cylinder versions may be available in other countries. Despite its previous popularity, diesel has lost popularity in the United States, leading to an imminent introduction of electric alternatives. Multiple sources indicate that the Tasman model will have both manual and automatic transmission choices.

A teaser is expected to be released soon, however sources indicate that the Tasman will be officially revealed in March.

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