Kia Teases Upcoming 2025 Tasman Pickup Model

Kia Takes on Ford Ranger with Potential Turbo V6 in Upcoming Battle

Kia has officially announced the upcoming release of their latest pickup truck, rumored to be named the Tasman.

The Australian branch of the car manufacturer gave a glimpse of their latest addition through an intriguing video. Filled with the nation’s adored sports icons and athletes, the clip starts with a man perusing a newspaper at a bar. “Kia Ute Set For Australia,” the title reads.

The passage presents a challenge in comprehending the written words, yet an extract from the fabricated records states: “The Tasman [is] a versatile 4×4 designed to conquer the varied terrains of Australia,” boasting exceptional off-road capabilities and a “streamlined yet sturdy exterior appearance.”

The recent development affirms that the newcomer will indeed be identified with the Tasman moniker, however the accompanying footage offers further evidence for those who may require extra persuasion. An ill-conceived toss results in a dart striking a map and settling upon the Tasman Sea.

Kia's GETTING A UTE - Kia Australia

As the camera shifts away from the bar, we catch a glimpse of the hotel’s title, seemingly labeled as Hotel Tasman. However, it is possible that Kia is merely toying with our expectations, as the entire video revolves around the discussion of what moniker the automaker should assign to their new pickup truck. All the renowned athletes have their own ideas for its name to be based on themselves.

Possibilities have emerged that Kia may be on the hunt for a fresh designation for their upcoming product, and they could be using the speculated name “Tasman” to throw us off. However, it is also possible that Tasman has indeed been selected as the official name. Regardless, we must await an official confirmation from Kia.

Up to this point, we anticipate the arrival of the Tasman in the form of a body-on-frame pickup truck. There is a chance that the ‘ute’ (as it is known in Australia) will utilize the same framework as the Mohave SUV.

The Tasman is set to make its Australia debut in the upcoming year, with the manufacturer already accepting expressions of interest from both personal and business clients.

“Maintaining our promise to keep the EOI group informed, we will provide them with regular updates on the latest news and developments,” stated Damien Meredith, CEO of Kia Australia. He continued, “Our extensive local ride and handling program, which covers tens of thousands of kilometers across Australia, is a testament to our dedication in meeting the demanding needs of the hard-working Aussie public.”

The upcoming Korean pickup is projected to come in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive variants. In the event that the Tasman model makes its way to the United States, we anticipate that it will be equipped with Kia’s 3.8-liter V6 engine. In addition, the pickup will also be available in other countries like Australia, where customers can opt for either a four-cylinder diesel or gasoline engine, as well as a potential six-cylinder diesel option. With luck, we may even see a twin-turbo V6 version to compete with the popular Ranger Raptor.

When it comes to design, it wouldn’t be unexpected if the Tasman takes inspiration from the Telluride, but it is more probable to incorporate the brand’s fresh front look, which was previously revealed on the revamped Carnival minivan.

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