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It’s high time for another evaluation of the international typical age of the modern car assembly. As fresh models get presented in vendors and old ones step aside, the diversity of cars on the market is permanently metamorphosing.

This is the current assessment of a total of 71 companies (including eight of the more vital businesses from China) and 766 versions. The facts are quite striking, thus giving further credence to the increasing prominence of the Eastern giant in the automobile sector.

The usual is determined in between the time of the launch or presentation of the production model and heading through July 2023, omitting the most rudimentary rebadges, light vehicles for business and passenger autos derived from them.

As forecasted, Russia’s premier auto brand is falling behind when it comes to cutting-edge cars. The rebranding of Lada, a firm held by Renault until the commencement of the war in Ukraine, was going good owing to the close partnering with the French automaker. Yet, the proposed novel models have been shelved and currently this Russian car producer provides five varieties of passenger vehicles averaging 21.6 years of age.

It’s not only the revered Niva, brought out in 1977, that has attained this result. The Largus stemming from the number one Dacia Logan, the Granta (revealed in May of 2011) and the Vesta (September 2015) are all aging as well. Are further goods up and coming? Absolutely not!

Chrysler, Lancia, and Dodge come subsequent to Lada in the oldest automakers accessible nowadays. As it readies ceasing to manufacture the Chrysler 300, the American entity is still anxiously wanting for innovative models. To this point, the median age of its reduced selection (300 and Pacifica) stands at 13.5 years. Afterward is Lancia with the Ypsilon, currently more than 12 yrs aged. Finally, Dodge has an average of 11 years despite the presentation of the Hornet, due for release in August of this year.

It is indeed remarkable to observe that, despite of having relatively young life-spans, both Tesla and Jaguar (both aged 7.9 year) as well as Nissan (the brand with the longest presence amongst the industry’s heavyweights) have stormed into the top ten list of oldest models.

The latest automobiles come from China. Indeed, the trademark with the most recent selection is Zeekr by Geely, established in 2021. It has three cars – 001, 009 and X – that on average have a youthful age of 1.2 years. Not far behind is another Chinese manufacturer, NIO, presenting seven vehicular models with an average age of 1.4. Thanks to the release of the Polestar 3 and 4 in October 2022 and April 2023 respectively, the Swedish label successfully obtains the third place for having one of the youngest assortments.

It is quite extraordinary that the literal character of the youngest batch is Hyundai, a renowned car maker around the world with an array of 32 varied cars. Interestingly, its average age is just 3.1 years old. Across Europe, one can find the vintage Hyundai i30 launched since September 2016. Further adding to this portfolio, there is the appealingly new Genesis and Kia which fall short only by 3.1 and 4.7 years respectively. It’s clear that South Koreans put in great effort to come up with such products!

Toyota, the world’s top auto manufacturer, has a yearly average of 4.6 years, coming in 0.4 years beneath the worldwide standard. This was outdone by Honda (4.3 years) and Ford (4.1 years). Conversely, among the biggest international marks, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen all have an average product age of over six years.

Felipe Munoz, a specialist in the automotive sector for JATO Dynamics, is the writer of this particular article.

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