Lamborghini Revuelto Spotted In Traffic

Hear the Supercar in Silent EV Mode
This is the FIRST Lamborghini Revuelto on the road!

Lamborghini recently unveiled the much-hyped Aventador successor at the conclusion of last month, presenting us our first glimpse of the electrified supercar out in the wild. YouTuber Varryx set up camp outside the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese hoping to catch a glimpse of the Revuelto and was not disappointed. In short order, a prototype emerged in view of the camera shrouded still in camouflage on the nose.

Doused in an eye-catching lime green and boasting a muted finish, the plug-in hybrid V12 powerhouse lurked around without a sound due to its naturally aspirated 6.5-liter not being operational. In actuality, the Revuelto was leaving the factory in its electric vehicle form. Although, it wasn’t fully mute as artificial and futuristic noises could be heard, which are obligatory for hybrids and EVs in a number of regions to inform pedestrians of their presence.

The majority of the period, the Revuleto will be driven by the V12 as its modest 3.8-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with pouch cells is capable of providing only around six miles of range. When employed in electric mode, the carbon-framed Lamborghini flagship is restricted to a maximum of 180 horses held by its middle-engined supercar that holds an unladen weight of 3,906 pounds (1,772 kilograms).

It is quite evident that the Revuelto is far more extensive compared to the Aventador LP700-4 from 2011, by approximately 6.5 inches (167 millimeters). It measures a length of 194.7 inches (4947 mm), although slightly more slender than the former one in width, both with and without mirrors at 80 in (2033mm) and 89.2 in (2266mm) respectively.

The Revuelto was spotted in the midst of some high-caliber individuals as Lamborghini was hard at work on that day with their Huracan and Urus client automobiles. The Italian exotic carmaker plans to supersede the V10 supercar next year with a plug-in hybrid edition, while the fast-paced SUV will also earn a charging dock.

By the year 2028, Lamborghini intends to augment its range with a 4th vehicle. Confirmed to be a luxe grand tourer with 2+2 seating, it is going to represent their first EV and is reckoned to rival an inescapable electrical Porsche 911 being promised after 2030.

Source: Varryx / YouTube

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