Lamborghini Urus: 6×6, All Wheels Powered

Florida Aftermarket Co’s Unique Project

Lamborghini is currently in the process of constructing a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the Urus, however, we discovered an entirely separate type of hybrid Urus. As opposed to including any kind of electrifying component, this one merges its twin-turbo V8 with a 6-wheeled layout.

Over the course of the past weeks, sightings of the odd-looking monster have made brief appearances on the internet. A recent YouTube clip brought us a glimpse much closer up. It comments on a largely reconstructed Urus with not two, not four, but three axles – giving it a total of six wheels! Of all its peculiar attributes, one detail stands out: instead of a pickup truck bed open at the rear, here lies a completely contained space with a painted hatch door. Apart from a few tiny parts still needing painting at the back, the build looks ready to go.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t signify just a longer Urus. Many outdoor pieces are entirely special to the Sport Utility Vehicle, comprising that ferocious rear diffuser, a supplementary lip spoiler on the roof, plus expanded wheel dental caries. Likewise, those tyres aren’t as sold either.

Who was behind the huge creation? South Florida Jeeps can take credit for this large six-wheeled marvel. If you are unfamiliar with the company, it is that which produces Wranglers and Broncos sporting six wheels (check the related connection up top) through its Apocalypse Manufacturing mark. We managed to obtain some intriguing facts after making contact with the alteration factory.

Questions have been swirling in regards to the two supplementary wheels located at the back of the automotive. Apocalypse Manufacturing confirmed to us that the additional axles are joined together, enabling the Urus to be more efficient both on and off terra firma. Is there anything that has been modified from the stock engine? They answered by stating that no adjustments were carried out as the 4.0-litre motor already is capable of producing 641 horsepower.

Source: Sliderz_Official on YouTube

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