Lamborghini Urus Gets Stylish Upgrades by Carlex Design

Racing Green and Pearl White: A Heavenly Combination

The Lamborghini Urus is surely a statement maker, yet Carlex Design has surpassed that by instilling a mind-blowing paint scheme and a distinct outside finish. Aside from the special hand-painted Racing Green hue (a personalized finish formed by the tuner) and 23-inch forged wheels, there are numerous exterior modifications which add to the fervor. To go further, extravagance within the cabin of the car rises beyond your expectations.

The exterior of the Urus is accentuated by the stark contrast in its paint, showcasing its fierce contours and detailing. The trademark Lamborghini emblems have been supplanted with that of Carlex Design’s own crest. There’s even a subtle green hue to the windows that makes for an even more fascinating finesse to the design.

The external appearance of the Vehicle has been extensively altered, with a white and green colour scheme appearing to mesh well with the leather-covered seats, steering wheel and main trims, as well as Alcantara that adorns the dashboard, door panels and head liner. Moreover, in regards to the upholstery, a subtle gradation perforation pattern is present; this was added by Carlex Design in order to increase the circulation of heated or cooled air when using the appropriate seat features. In addition, modified floor mats and green carpeting have been integrated in the bottom area of the Urus.

According to Carlex Design, its distinct interpretation of the Urus is the result of a close partnership between inventive designers from their design studio and talented upholsterers and painters. Many other businesses have taken excessive liberties with the Urus, as, being an extravagant vehicle, it does not necessarily call for any more excessiveness. Evidently, Carlex Design has managed to produce something eye-catching, instead of making the Urus even more ostentatious. The green and white livery, in particular, inevitably brings back memories of the classic Lotus Cortina’s standard colours.

It would seem that the drivetrain is in its original state, and the stock version produces 657 horsepower as well as 627 lb-ft of torque, leading to a 0-60 mph sprint time of just 3.5 seconds for the even more advanced version.

For whatever grounds, Carlex Design has not declared the official fares for its range of styling alterations. The starting cost of the Urus S is roughly $230,000.

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