Lamborghini’s Art Basel Exclusive One-Off Revealed

Interior: 220-Hour Project

The Lamborghini Revuelto is by no way mundane; the iconic Italian carmaker endeavors to raise the bar with the Opera Unica. Showcased at the Art Basel Miami Beach in 2023, this one-of-a-kind creation boasts a remarkable design both inside and out that required hundreds of labor hours to bring to fruition.

Compiled as a successor to the Huracan Sterrato of the same lineage, the Revuelto Opera Unica displays the expansiveness of potential for Lamborghini’s Styling Centre and its personalisation programme, Ad Personam. Additionally, it furnishes an impressive demonstration of Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary.

“Our aim was to craft something entirely artistic, using brushes and a blend of colors to make the Revuelto appear like a canvas,” Mitja Borkert, Automobili Lamborghini’s design director, stated. “By painting the exterior of the car by hand, we really wanted to highlight its aerodynamics and speed.”

Here it is, Lamborghini Revuelto ‘Opera Unica’. A masterpiece carved from a masterpiece.

The outside of the Revuelto Opera Unica necessitated a hefty 435 hours (more than 18 days) of painstaking work – as well as 76 hours of creation – illustrating Lamborghini’s dedication to elaborate design.

The end product has a distinctive blend of Viola Pasifae (lavender) and Nero Helene (sable), with pleasing wisps of brilliant scarlet, azure, and amber. Underneath the hood, one can find the insignia shadowed lightly, emphasizing the company’s jubilee. This produces a captivating hand painted outside that makes Revuelto a driving masterpiece of automotive craft. While some could suggest that the same effect could be doable with a vinyl covering, that is like claiming that unsweetened grape juice is equivalent to Dom Perignon. It just isn’t true.

The artistic theme is continued within the cabin of the vehicle, featuring a two-tone leather incorporating Viola Acutus and Nero Ade. This intricate design required an extra 220 hours (over nine days) to complete. The design of the interior mirrors the dynamic exterior, with warm and cool colors interwoven throughout. Additionally, 60th-anniversary logos are stitched into the headliner, door inserts, and headrests. The start/stop cover has also been upgraded, and there is a unique Opera Unica plaque and embroidery reading “The Future Began in 1963.”

Lamborghini decided to keep the extraordinary V12 plug-in hybrid powertrain of the Revuelto, maintaining its 1,001-horsepower output and 595 lb-ft of torque. Although an official cost was not discussed, we are sure that a configuration for it won’t be found on the Revuelto’s website.

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