Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix Hotel Packages Selling For $5 Million

The prices can make you go lights out and away you go.

Hotels in Las Vegas are attempting to capitalize on the debut Nevada Grand Prix of Formula 1 by offering exclusive bargains to wealthy customers. It’s no understatement that the impending race is steeply-priced with packages ranging from $8,000 to a whopping $5,000,000.

The costs weren’t as astounding when first disclosed a year ago. It was then that Wynn Hotel and Resort declared a complete all-access F1 encounter with a cost tag of one million dollars for a group of six. Though what was exacted remained unknown, the hotel has recently revved up its official website, revealing what is delivered for the expanses of one million.

The Wynn Grid Club is the starting point for those wanting to experience Formula One racing like never before; boasting of prime spectating standpoint and opportunity to tour the respective teams’ garages. In addition, ticket-holders have the perk of a grid adventure and receiving an exhilarating ride with a certified pilot around the track at top speed.

No definitive details were revealed yet regarding which automobile will be utilized for the Wynn Hotel and Resort’s hot-lap. It would certainly be a captivating selection if either the Aston Martin Vantage safety vehicle or DBX707 medical car was chosen.

Those fortunate enough to have tickets can look forward to a delightful four-night visit at the luxurious Wynn’s three-bedroom duplex, an expansive two-story given suite that features reportedly captivating scenery. Furthermore, airport transfers and access to the XS nightclub’s lavishing red carpet grand opening are also bundled in the ticket price.

For those seeking the ultimate level of opulence, Caesars Palace offers a fantastic experience with its $5 million F1 Nobu Emperor package. If five nights in a Nobu Sky Villa at Nobu Hotel doesn’t sound luxurious enough, then you should consider this enticement. As the first-ever Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix approaches, the hotel promises to provide an unparalleled experience.

The exorbitantly-priced F1 Nobu Emperor package comes with twelve paddock club tickets, a pair of tickets to Weekends with Adele, spa treatments for six people, a personal chauffeur, an exclusive VIP host, as well as the coveted seven-star tier status. To top it all off, this hefty sum will even get you a private dinner for twelve cooked up by none other than acclaimed Michelin star chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

The authorised Formula 1 portal is retailing a three-day Hospitality ticket at an exorbitant cost of $8,000 which offers exclusive benefits such as superior cuisine and drinks, outdoor accessibility, grandstand viewing, and access to an opulent lounge, among others.

The Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix is scheduled to take place from November 16th to 18th of 2023.

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