The Billion-Dollar World of F1 Racing

Inside Track Business Show Precedes Las Vegas GP.

Formula 1, beyond its standing as a much-admired motorsport, is also a highly profitable business. Long term aficionados have had an inkling of this, yet CNBC have chosen to draw even more attention to it with the documentary Inside Track: Business and Formula 1.

Set to be showcased in November, right before the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, CNBC will be premiering a new documentary hosted by Sara Eisen. It will be exploring the world of motorsports – not only the thrilling dramas and characters of Formula 1, such as those featured in Netflix’s Drive to Survive, but also the business side of the elite racing league. Different from the Keanu Reeves F1 documentary that primarily focused on Brawn, CNBC’s take will delve into the F1 business to “uncover what is driving its success and who is profiting.”

The sixty-minute film will also showcase Eisen talking to key personnel from Formula 1 squads. Those featured comprise of Toto Wolff from Mercedes-AMG, Christian Horner from Red Bull, and Guenther Steiner of Haas, briefly mentioned in a recent announcement. Sadly, viewers won’t get the chance to look at Wolff’s amazing collection of cars, which includes his magnificent Mercedes-AMG GT R – as it seems the show will keep firmly within the bounds of paddocks.

The CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, and the proprietor, Liberty Media, will be featured in the documentary, likely examining the significant modifications that have been implemented since Liberty Media acquired F1 in 2017.

Eisen undertook travels to some iconic Grand Prix races throughout the show, investigating the eminent sponsors of every team. Additionally, she inquired into the procedure behind F1’s American proliferation, and got an early glimpse of its foreseeable future, which comprises a competition circuit for women racers identified as F1 Academy.

Notably, Formula One has seen an uptick in its American viewership in recent years, largely due to the success of the docuseries Drive to Survive. This has prompted FOM to add a third North American venue to their calendar; Las Vegas is set to become the first Grand Prix officially operational by F1 Management.

CNBC’s Inside Track: The Business of Formula 1 is set to air on November 16, 2023 at 8 PM Eastern – just a few days prior to the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Though Max Verstappen may have already claimed his third Drivers’ Championship title, the competition is still ongoing with the rest of the racers vying to be crowned “best of the rest”.

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