Last Mulsanne Served Queen, Returns Home

Queen Elizabeth Commissioned the Last Factory-Made Mulsanne

After many years of working in the regal household, the ultimate Bentley Mulsanne that ever left the Crewe production line is now back to its original dwelling. The esteemed flagship sedan is being welcomed into the home of Bentley Heritage Collection, further spotlighting the valuable century-old legacy of this iconic British automaker.

This distinct Mulsanne outshines the other 7,300 luxury vehicles built in Crewe. Such an exclusively commissioned automobile was made for Queen Elizabeth the Second prior to her death. Its glorious outside is painted Barnato Green whilst the plush room inside contains Twine and Cumbrian hide, Burr Walnut wood grain coverings, and thick lambswool carpets – together creating a grandiose atmosphere worthy of Nobility.

The customised features are continued with the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom embedded in the door waistrails and the eradication of the front middle armrests to make room for a custom-crafted tray tailor-made for Her Majesty’s bag. Blue police lights, an alarm and a loudspeaker, inconspicuously embedded in a walnut panelled entrance, underlines the dual purposing of this noble vehicle. Privacy draperies are typical on limousines like this but conceivably even more sought after by a dignitary.

The iconic Bentley Mulsanne has transcended its place in history, cemented forever as a signifier of lavishness, workmanship, and majestic grandeur. First unveiled back in 1980, and brought back to life in 2009, the high-end car said farewell to manufacturing this past year, with the Flying Spur taking up its role as Bentley’s top of the range vehicle.

This majestic vehicle is powered by an impressive 6.75-liter V8 motor, sending 537 horsepower to the enormous 21-inch rear wheels with the assistance of a robust eight-speed ZF automated transmission.

The Mulsanne is the forty-fifth edition of the iconic Heritage Selection, symbolizing Bentley’s storied 104-year saga. Within this selection lies some of the greatest cars ever crafted, from the 1919 EXP2 known as the oldest Bentley, all the way to the brand-new 2021 Continental GT Speed.

As the customized Mulsanne takes its place within Bentley’s Heritage Collection, it joins a prestigious assembly of automobiles that increased drastically in size prior to 42 vehicles. It will be accompanying Mulsanne VIN 0002, created during its resurrection, as well as a 2019 model Mulsanne Speed formerly used for Bentley’s press fleet.

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