Lego Snake: 200 Wheels for Creepy Holidays

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Throughout the years, we’ve encountered many strange and unusual constructions created from Lego pieces; yet, there has been nothing quite so nightmarish as this. If you do not have a fear of snakes, then this may be no cause for alarm. For the rest of us, please proceed with caution before viewing any further!

This intriguing contraption emerges from the Brick Experiment YouTube channel. It’s an articulated Lego snake which animates into all of the remarkable squiggles that you would anticipate to see from a real-life reptile. Some may deem this as a Lego train since it operates on wheels and appears like a train condensed at the tailside, just like what a snake looks like. That’s what fills our minds with befuddlement right now.

No matter what label it receives, we all undoubtedly acknowledge its awesomeness. Although coming up with this kind of innovation may seem uncomplicated, the clip proves that installing correctly placed wheels and appropriate joints highly impacts how smoothly the piece runs. Linking 21 feet (which is really quite astounding) of Lego fragments with wheels does not automatically give you this motorized snake; using a central mounting extent for the wheelers supported by hinges instead of ball screws enables the creature to bend effortlessly when turning. Nevertheless, climbing hills remains a no-go, though success in every pursuit can’t be predicted.

It’s a definite victor when it comes to making use of surplus Lego wheels! It contains exactly 200, including the four utilized on the tractor, which provides impressive agility. Who would’ve thought it could be both incredible and slightly spooky to watch in action? Ultimately, it concludes with an amazing winding spiral that could be interpreted as a snake eating its own tail.

Put the jokes aside – there is no doubt that this is a fantastic creation created by an awesome Lego channel. Our anticipation for what’s next to appear is growing drastically!

200 Wheel Lego Vehicle

Source: Brick Experiment Channel / YouTube

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