LS3 Commodore Vs Dodge Charger

Legal Status of Holden Commodore in US?

Posting listings on Facebook is something anyone can do freely, however, the platform has also been known to invite suspicious sales – such as this 2011 Holden HSV R8 Clubsport Tourer that was deliberately noted as “legal”.

We aren’t denying the authenticity of the listing, but it is wise to fully investigate, especially as we are discussing this exclusive and outstanding Australian muscle automobile valued at 55 thousand dollars. Bearing in mind this Holden Commodore, or better known as Pontiac G8 in the USA, is from Australia, we must think about the 25 year import rule prohibiting Americans from obtaining highly desired cars discharged outside the US. This 2011 model falls under that category, yet the only Holden allowed to be imported for Show or Display is the GTS-R.

We’d suggest that the seller has some clarifying to do, but as the Facebook post states, “I won’t answer a million questions in the comments,” in response to worries about its authenticity.

We can’t confirm that this was officially certified, but if you’re dead-set on it, you’ll have your hands on what they say is No. 46 of 80, and one of the rarest colours – Phantom Black – of all 13 available. This model was derived from the Commodore and produced by Holden Special Vehicles – the company specialising in performance versions.

The vendor additionally pointed out that the right-hand-drive wagon contains a XForce stainless exhaust and fresh tires, prepared for a long-distance journey.

The recently terminated Holden label was GM’s outpost in Australia, therefore the HSV exhibits an LS3 V8, generating 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. The US variant of HSV, the Pontiac G8, is held up against the Chrysler 300C and the Dodge Charger – although both of these potent vehicles are currently obsolete.

The seller is open to responding to questions from those “seriously interested” in buying the car, so if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask. In the event that things don’t go as planned, you may still be able to keep the car, but not drive it legally on US roads. Fingers crossed that it’s all above board, as it’s certainly an uncommon vehicle.

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