Wild Triple-Turbo: An Unprecedented Setup

Triple Turbo Holden Commodore Wagon: Wild Ride

Aussie car constructor[,] Keep It Reet, has just[,] produced[,] one of the wildest Holden Commodores imaginable. The vehicle is equipped with a previously unheard-of multi-turbo arrangement.

Australians love modifying vehicles as much as any other person; that is why we have seen outstanding revised automobiles from the land Down Under, like the 2JZ-Geared Silvia which competed against an LS-transformed Holden Commodore. Those are terribly powerful cars, but the one we shall be discussing today is wholly formidable for dissimilar grounds.

To commence, the Commodore has an odd triple-turbo assembly that protrudes out of the engine compartment resembling the askew horns of a bull. The engine is a sourced RB30 which had been obtained from a Nissan vehicle. Furthermore, it possesses an intercooler and anti-lag system akin to the swanky Toyota Formula Drift vehicles.

A True Australian Experience | Triple Compound Turbo RB30 Commodore

It would appear to be a standard Australian domestic Commodore VL wagon, which has been kept in its stock state with very little else altering it.

The heavily-modified setup, although completely ludicrous, appears to be well constructed. It is also rather intricate, as the engineers thought-up an ingenious method for all the three turbochargers to provide each other with air. They crafted a compound turbo system which contrasts the previous sequential tri-turbo powerplants incorporated into the old BMW 5 Series M55d (2012-2017).

Typically for a setup with multiple compressors, a larger low-pressure turbocharger will feed the smaller high-pressure one since the output port of the greater device ought to coincide with the entrance diameter of the other. It is essential to ensure optimal pressure circulation.

The wild fabrication these Australian engineers fashioned had the opposite effect. We’re not sure if it packs a punch since they took it out for a drive on public roads. However, it certainly sounds lovely and belches fire! Then again, it suffered from an overheating problem which they dealt with in a humorous manner – pouring a bucket of water into the radiator.

It was definitely done for a bit of fun, much like the hilariously tiny Fiat which was just an auto top on spoked contraptions. Moreover, the triple turbo setup isn’t totally finished yet either, so the creators may have much bigger dreams for this out-of-the-ordinary Commodore.

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