LS-944: Mid-Engined Swap, $17K

Formerly Powered by a Weak Inline-Four

One individual determined to seek out the answer of whether the same formula would be able to be employed when it came to the Porsche 944, an auto that had a reputation as one of the brand’s most triumphant sports vehicles ever developed. Its noteworthy trait being that the motor was situated in the front-end with rear-wheel drive. This unsurprisingly left it behind once the Boxter arrived – the car whose layout provided for a middle engine positioning.

This is an interesting 1987 Porsche 944 for sale on eBay. Comprised of an uncommon LS swap, its dynamic would be quite the experience to feel as this particular vehicle had originally been delicately balanced. To avoid any excessive weight on its front axle, Porsche purposely placed its transmission at the back wheel – “transaxle” is the term commonly used for this type of setup.

According to the provider, Area 51 Motorsports, the 944 has been equipped with an LS4 V8 producing 400 horsepower. The engine has been party fitted to what formerly was a broad and flat storage area. Despite its bizarre design and strange positioning of the air intakes, devotees of internal combustion engines (ICE) will definitely prefer this one over the Tesla-powered illustration which had been presented before.

The much-lauded five-speed Porsche manual transmission is retained, still delivering all power to the rear wheels. Though its original design was conceived with a limit of 250hp in mind, it remains to be seen if this set-up will prove reliable over the long term.

The odometer on the car is currently indicating 108,098 miles, however, it’s dubious to know exactly how many were done by the primary four-cylinder engine.

Outer alterations consist of metal mesh in the fore and aft. The rear lamps have been replaced with three tiered inclining clusters on each flank, which appear appalling in comparison to the original pattern.

Outside elements such as the GT3 rims, spoilers, and widened fenders towards the rear are present. Reportedly, all the features of the inside, from the electric windows, to the seats, and gauges, are operable.

Given its accessible cost of $16,995, the revival of the iconic 944 is something that should be highly sought after. This reasonable pricing point makes it all the more enticing for prospective buyers to give a new iteration of the classic auto a chance.

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