Making EVs Great Again: VW’s Plan

Design Chief Wants ’90s VW Reimagined.

The current lineup of VW’s ID. Series features cars with a futuristic design, however many individuals find this aesthetic off-putting. Naturally, Volkswagen has recognised that these models don’t appeal to motorists, and announced modifications are to be implemented.

In a recent report, Andreas Mindt, Head of Design at Volkswagen, expressed his opinion on how to modify the brand’s future design plan. Pointing out that the initial EV designs were meant to entice users away from Internal Combustion Engine vehicles, he also noted that due to the rise in popularity of EVs, making alterations for early adopters is no longer necessary.

“EVs are now making up 15 percent of the global market, and more than 50 percent of the market in China; this is no longer an industry for early adopters,” commented Mindt. “It’s clear that the electric vehicle revolution is well underway and that the future of the automotive industry is electric.”

Volkswagen’s design chief has declared that when designing electric vehicles (EVs), it is key to avoid giving them a futuristic look. According to him, EVs do not need to be “weirdly different”. The ID.2all concept is a perfect example of the new design language, resembling a Volkswagen Golf but with an all-electric engine.

The VW ID. 2all was fashioned with Mindt overseeing the design process. Not everyone would foresee that the 2all ideas would be for an all-electric vehicle instead of the other VW ID models such as the ID. Buzz and ID. 4.

For that reason, he holds the belief that when it was initially unveiled in the beginning of this year, the idea had a favourable response.

There are also requisites to be met when it comes to reducing complexity and ergonomics in the inner part of a car.Mindt recommends that interior design be reformulated. Hard, inexpensive plastics that are commonly seen in ID models ought to be swapped out for sleek, tactile finishings. Additionally, simplicity and user comfort must be taken into account when engineering an automobile’s interior.

Mindt’s vision is straightforward – to make Volkswagens look like the Golf and Passat from the ’90s. “This is the secret sauce,” stated Mindt. “The car is better than what you anticipate, and you begin to love it. Our ambition is to be the beloved brand.”

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