Man’s Unconventional Lifestyle: Living in a Lamborghini Urus Overlander

Luxury car =/= luxury home.

The Lamborghini Urus may not be the usual choice for off-roading adventures, however, its increased ride height and four-door design make it a costly yet suitable option for transformation into an overland vehicle. This is exactly what an individual from Colorado undertook, and the SUV now serves as a surprisingly practical mobile home.

It accommodates only one person, and not all aspects of the Urus are ideal for living in. The windows without frames cannot support a mesh screen, and Connor noticed that the fixed headrests were a peculiar oversight considering the seats’ otherwise extensive adjustability features. Additionally, the inadequate reverse lights can pose challenges when backing up in the dark, but this is where extra accessories and equipment can come in handy.

The Urus is equipped with a detachable roof rack from Front Runner designed to accommodate luggage, an extra tire, and additional lights. This rack also acts as the base for Starlink and the canopy. The agility of the Urus is enhanced by twenty-two-inch Klassik B OffRoad wheels and off-road tires.

The interior of the vehicle features a foldable bed, making space for the seats located behind the driver. It can accommodate three to four individuals, and its adaptable design allows for easy removal of items from the Urus to maximize capacity when required.

The most boring aspect of the Lamborghini is its 641-horsepower twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine, which faced just one significant problem during Connor’s 20,000-mile, year-long trip through 16 countries. A failure occurred in an o-ring on an air vacuum hose, leading to the Urus requiring towing.

It hasn’t come out of the journey unscathed either. Conor accidentally caused some damage to the front splitter, which is a costly $1,400 to replace, while in Romania. Additionally, one of the buttons for an interior light is now non-functional. Nevertheless, considering it’s an off-road luxury SUV, these issues are not too concerning.

1 year Car & Gear Review Living in Lamborghini Urus

The absent rear bumper is on purpose. Connor intends to swap out both bumpers in order to enhance the SUV’s off-road performance, which will involve adding a fresh exhaust system for improved clearance and skid plates. Additionally, he is considering relocating the stove outside of the vehicle and aiming to reconfigure the layout to accommodate a rooftop tent.

A brand new Lamborghini Urus is priced at the level of a home in various regions around the nation. It’s reassuring to realize that it can also serve as one, however, it does not come with a bathroom.

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