Maserati Quattroporte: Luxury Electric Vehicle with Bold Design

Big Power, Big Price: Arriving in 2024

Davide Grasso, CEO of Maserati, unveiled fresh information regarding the substitute of the Quattroporte, which will be manifested as an electric-powered luxurious car to compete against Porsche Taycan and the Mercedes EQS Sedan.

Grasso declared to Autocar that the newest model will be based on Stellantis’ STLA Large architecture, and also that it would be the inaugural Maserati to come with no customary gas-powered version. The Quattroporte (and its extreme variant Trofeo) may not be the most luxurious sedans in the market, yet one can pardon those minor deficiencies thanks to their highly animated engines.

Without a soulful V6 or V8 under the hood, does an electric Quattroporte stand a chance? Grasso appears to think it does, noting that it will have an appearance that is “unmistakably a Maserati.” He also referred to it as a “disruptive design project,” suggesting that the new Quattroporte will draw inspiration from the most recent Granturismo.

The present generation has been recognised as a regular sumptuous sedan, yet there are whispers that the Quattroporte might be reborn as a four-door coupe, comparable to the 8 Series Gran Coupe.

It could be said that, since the Ghibli will be substituted with the new format, this will create a car which is more compact in comparison to the present Quattroporte. Despite this, much like the current version, it stands to reason that it’s successor will uphold its luxurious status as Grasso was not keen on producing high volumes.

“Making the decision not to do something is something that a luxury brand should do,” he said. “You have to pick and choose your battles, and this is one we are not going to fight. We are not for everyone, but for those who are willing to pay for a unique performance and luxury experience.”

This method has become pervasive among high-level motor corporations, with Mercedes-Benz sought to emulate via their novel planning. Evidence of its efficacy is witnessed in the revivification of Maserati; formerly floundering, now it’s steady on a course toward prosperity.

According to the statement, it is reasonable to assume that the upcoming Quattroporte should have some similarities with Alfa Romeo’s only-electric Giulia model. The STLA Huge platform might be utilized for this version plus it could potentially crank out up to 986 horsepower. If that really turns into reality, then there will be more prominent models of the electric Quattroporte; after all, Stellantis wouldn’t want a lower-class Alfa to outrank their Maserati counterpart!

With the upcoming Quattroporte being exclusively battery-powered, questions remain whether or not it will receive the moniker of ‘Folgore’, which functions to differentiate EV Maseratis from those equipped with traditional combustion engines.

The sizable opulent sedan is not the sole Maserati poised to go electric in the foreseeable future. Shortly, the obsolete and mediocre Levante shall be supplanted by an electricity-driven replacement that may have as much as 745 horsepower at its disposal.

A distilled amalgamation of a halo supercar, refined gran turismo, lavish saloon and two crossover vehicles will adequately cater to most necessities within the luxurious sector without compromising the quality of the brand. With production no longer being an issue, Maserati would be able to dedicate themselves wholly to constructing opulent electric automobiles for select clients.

“Gone are the days of focusing on volume,” said Grasso. “It’s a result of our actions. Our priority is profitability, as without it and quality, luxury is nonexistent.”

Cost is expected to be an issue for the new Quattroporte EV, with estimates that the base model may exceed the current cost of $108,400.

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