MC20 to Receive Electric Upgrade, Quattroporte EV Release Delayed

Clearing the Air: Maserati Reveals Concrete Product Plans After Much Speculation

In recent reports, it was revealed by Italian media that the launch of the Maserati Quattroporte Folgore EV would not meet its proposed deadline of 2024. Further updates have now been confirmed by the manufacturer, stating that the electric sedan will instead make its debut in 2028, a delay of three years following the introduction of the electric MC20. The upcoming release of the MC20 Folgore should come as no shock, considering the successful launch of the electric Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, which only made up a small fraction of the car’s overall production numbers. It is possible that Stellantis, the parent company of both Maserati and Alfa Romeo, may be looking to recoup their investment in a more immediate timeline.

Despite any previous confusion, it is a relief to finally obtain a clear understanding of these items. Additionally, Maserati has reassured that manufacturing will stay in Italy, easing concerns about potential layoffs. The facility will also undergo additional construction to facilitate the production of upcoming Fuoriserie custom models.

However, hold on a moment, there’s additional! This article has even more to say.

In 2027, it is expected that a new electric SUV will be unveiled, following the release of the electric MC20. This will be followed by the Quattroporte Folgore in 2028. In the meantime, we eagerly anticipate the launch of the electric version of the Maserati GranCabrio, scheduled to debut shortly after its gasoline counterpart later this year.

As evident from the announcement, Maserati is prioritizing the expansion of its lineup with more electrified options at a fast pace. This strategic move may be seen as risky, but it has the potential for significant success. After all, why would Porsche choose to release an electric Macan ahead of time if there was no demand for it? Clearly, there is a market for high-end electric vehicles that can match the uniqueness and sophistication of traditional gasoline cars.

While change may be the only constant in life, we hold a positive outlook for Maserati’s future. Our conversation with CEO of Maserati Americas, Bill Peffer, left us feeling optimistic as he shared insights on the brand’s direction. One factor that contributed to our excitement was Peffer’s statement that Maserati does not need to fully embrace electric vehicles, as the innovative Nettuno V6 engine is set to power several upcoming models.

Maserati provides alternatives, and they have become increasingly important. According to Reuters, the European Union’s position on environmental issues may soon be altered after upcoming elections. It is possible that the newly appointed officials who hold the power to shape the future of the bloc will authorize the use of fossil fuels for another twenty years.

In any case, Maserati appears to be fully prepared. We sincerely hope that this is the case.

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