Until 2021 Maserati and Fiat Delayed for 2021

Automakers Delay, Ask for Supplier Price Cut.

There is some unfortunate news regarding the launch of the Maserati Quattroporte EV, previously planned to be released in 2024, and the next 2027 Fiat 500e, according to an Italian media report. Corriere Torino states that Stellantis sent a holiday season email to its Italian suppliers, citing the “major transformation” of the automotive industry and requesting them to “manage [their] cost policy efficiently,” which is essentially asking for a price reduction. Furthermore, the email asked them to put on hold the development of components related to the Quattroporte Folgore, stating that they “will communicate new programs in the coming months.”

It appears that the potential of an EV is still debatable in its early developmental period. Regarding the Fiat 500e, a new model was expected to launch next year; however, it could now be delayed up until 2030.

The Fiat 500e has just made its debut in the US after being available in Europe for the past three years. As such, if the reports are to be believed, the 500e will be a full decade old when it is finally retired. By that point, it may be practically obsolete. However, Stellantis has reportedly assured suppliers that Maserati production will stay based in Italy and that any future Maseratis will “adopt electric motors.”

This goes against what Bill Peffer, CEO of Maserati Americas, declared to us earlier on this year, demonstrating that Maserati does not necessarily have to adhere to an all-electric approach and is given the option to be adaptable in the nearest future.

In this interview, Peffer made it clear that Maserati is in a unique place following the merger of PSA and FCA, forming Stellantis. He declared that it is “the only global luxury brand in that lineup,” and that it has “an almost limitless amount of resources and technology” to put into its cars. This begs the question: why ask for price reductions, especially if such a request was already made a year ago?

We have already observed the considerable technical likenesses between the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and the Maserati MC20. While Alfa Romeo is an iconic marque, of the two, it can be assumed that Maserati would carry more of an alluring reputation – however, this is not true when comparing these two vehicles.

It is plain to see that measures need to be taken to cease any blend between the two labels, especially with one discussing a upcoming Giulia EV able to sum up practically 1,000 horsepower – an assertion akin to the integral power of 986 hp for the Quattroporte EV. Are there more examples? The MC20 was designing to bring out and be an Alfa vehicle. That being said, when both cars share a nearly similar position, then compromises on quality and charge will unavoidably occur, not at all proceeding as beneficial for anybody engaged.

Perhaps this is the grounds on which Stellantis has put a cease. When the two entities locate satisfactory slippage in their individual evolvement, perhaps these pristine autos will surface. Blessedly, the Giulia is envisioned to come into sight in either 2025 or 2026, however alongside that, we are monitoring Maserati with strong regard.

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