Mazda MX-5: More Special Editions Ahead

Something Special Ahead

Mazda has a legacy of unleashing interesting exclusive editions of the MX-5 Miata, and it has now been disclosed that the Japanese vehicle manufacturer has no aims to bring this practice to an end, with more limited-time varieties from the ND range scheduled.

The ND Miata is the present that keeps on giving, even though it’s nearly a decade old. At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Mazda MX-5 Program Manager Shigeki Saito told Carsguide Australia, “We are already planning [special editions] to make something very cool – we are already thinking about cool special editions.”

Cool, limited editions have become a hallmark of the brand, ever since its inception. The ND generation may not have had as many outgrown versions as theretofore, but it has still been presented with offerings such as its vivid orange 30th Anniversary Edition and refined two-tone 100th Anniversary Edition. It is clear that Mazda acknowledges the versatility of this platform, thus more one-of-a-kind models are expected in the near future.

The prospect of maximizing the potential of the current generation Miata is a priority for Saito, especially with its replacement looming. “We want to do anything we can with the ND, because we believe it has a great deal of potential,” he stated. “As time goes on, the shift to electric vehicles will likely become more rapid, and then we think we can offer an electric MX-5.”

The attention appears to be attuned to the present, although the firm is designing to electro-fuel all its models by 2030. He can’t faulted for this, particularly as the current Miata has turned out to be Mazda’s greatest hit, assisting to propel the MX-5 identification to unprecedented sales heights since its arrival.

This is why everyone is apprehensive about the possible modifications when the model becomes electric. It was previously verbalized that there were plans to utilize hybrid technology in the future, yet new remarks have been made that the company is seriously looking into a completely electric variant. This will only be realistic if the weight can be restrained close to the current level, something that may possibly prove to be extremely demanding at present.

Despite initial uncertainty, it may now be possible for Caterham to develop an electric sports vehicle. This was confirmed after their recent reveal of the ‘Project V’, which they have highlighted as boasting a lightweight design – weighing under 2,700 lbs. – and an impressive range capacity of over 200 miles. Therefore, should Mazda decide to also adopt this technology, it can be anticipated that our hopes for an all-electric Miata might actually come to fruition.

In the interim, we hope to savor the ND for all that it is worth while we still can.

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