Mercedes-AMG Unveils All-Terrain Strollers

Robust Frame with Beefy Suspension and Brake

The German tech giant, Mercedes-Benz and its powerful subdivision—AMG Divison, presented a fresh batch of strollers. Intriguingly, one of these is the All-Terrain GTR version, and as suggested by its title, it is pretty overwhelming and impressive when compared to all other similar pieces. Not to mention, the dark variation of this stroller signifying a Mercedes G-Class will be absolutely at home in any given site.

The GTR is designed with the utmost safety in mind, boasting swiveling wheels, extra hefty ball-bearing air chamber wheels, and a handbrake for “maximum off-road mobility.” The wheels are linked to individual suspension systems, and a magnetic five-point safety belt and a removable safety bar ensure your little one stays safe and secure.

Pondering it, this stroller has more safety characteristics than the Jeep Wrangler that wrecked in one of the Hoonigan off-road competitions. Even jesting apart, it will console apprehensions regarding potential sad incidents including the tots. Furthermore, it provides some advantageous amenities to the parents, which comprise a pocket holder, especially cushioned handles, and a storage space among the tires.

In conjunction with the German-based stroller maker Hartan, Mercedes released three new models. Alongside the robust terrain-ready type, they also have a glamorous Avantgarde GTX, GTS, and an exclusive GT2 model.

The GTS is equipped with all the modern features one would expect from a stroller, but with a classic style. It’s like a Mercedes-Simplex carriage for your little one. The GTX, on the other hand, is much more modern and sporty in design. Both models feature air-chamber tires and a slightly less “off-roady” suspension system.

Lastly, there is the constrained release AMG GT2 pram. There is only a restricted measure of these models available — just 299 if truth be told. It includes an authentic Mercedes-AMG identification and striking Which magma-beam distinctions on the frame and wheels. It contains also the same components as both the GTX and GTS, but it has an arguably much more subtle look. Recall the Mercedes-AMG GT Stealth Edition? This is its baby buggie likeness!

If you are an immense admirer of Mercedes-AMG and want to expand your enthusiasm towards your offspring, keep in mind that these stylish pushchairs can be obtained by way of Hartan’s online shop. The GTS prices commence at $958, but if you prefer any of the other ranges like GTX, GT2 or All-Terrain GTR, then you will need to confer with a specialist seller for the particulars.

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