Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van: Luxury VIP Suite With 40 TV + PS5

Clive Sutton Unveils Luxurious VIP Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The esteemed Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has acquired a good measure of attention from campers due to its prodigious size and reliable powertrain. But, the London-based Clive Sutton design house made a move towards innovating and crafted the vehicle to be an ostentatious form.

Clive Sutton, the renowned firm behind the 800-horsepower Ford Mustang known as the Sutton CS800, has just unveiled the 2024 VIP Class Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This ultra-luxurious conversion is capable of transporting nine people “in the height of comfort.”

The mesmerizing vehicle boasts seating finished in luxurious leather, and the center bench features a reclining design for extra comfort during your ride. Various personalization options are available, depending on the customer’s desired look.

This specific model comes with two 40-inch 4K displays, a built-in refrigerator section on the inside as well as surround sound cinema audio. On top of that, it features a custom grille, wheel size of 20 inches and a sleek black exterior to provide a more executive appeal.

The van is fitted with a PlayStation 5, reminiscent of the PlayStation-inspired Sprinter craftsmanship that West Coast Customs brought out in the past twelvemonth.

Clive Sutton presents various selections, including seat heating, cappuccino maker, restroom, generously sized closet, strong air conditioning, and a two-part panoramic glassy ceiling.

A longer wheelbase can be chosen and made with a triple-segmented panoramic glazing, allowing travelers to have a more open-air feel. In other words, whatever the customer desires, the business should be able to implement it.

Clive Sutton declared that, although the main office is situated in Europe, their specialty products can be transported worldwide; and each vehicle and modification will receive a three year warranty.

“Our patrons expect the highest possible levels of opulence, sophistication, and ease, as well as practicality,” declared Clive Sutton, founder and CEO. “We have gone to great lengths to create our 2024 VIP Class Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which is the most lavish, roomy, and fashionable means of transporting up to nine people in total comfort.”

The cost of a highly luxurious conversion starts at £180,000 (roughly $228,137 with the present exchange rates). Considerably steeper than a no-frills Sprinter Cargo Van from the factory, which can be purchased in the US for only $49,900.

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