Mobile Video Gaming with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Sony Commissions West Coast Customs for PS5-Branded Van
PlayStation®5 Gaming Van | West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs is renowned for its imaginative vehicle transformations. Its current design may be a bit more inconspicuous if you’re not a dedicated gamer. Sony engaged WCC to conceive and construct a mobile gaming lounge flaunting PlayStation 5 branding across it. Even though WCC typically draws up cars with daring external aesthetic, the modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van offers a relatively subtle look when completed.

It’s often unseen, but stepping inside this spot makes for a great space to chill if you are into gaming. This place’s decor is amazing with its two plush captain’s chairs adorned with the well-matched PS5 blend of white, black and blue. At the rear of the Mercedes is a large illuminated PlayStation logo against a black background. On the opposite side of the sliding door, there is an eye-catching 3-D view of the iconic controller buttons (circle, triangle, square and cross).

The internal design of the West Coast’s Sprinter is remarkable; it features a unique button motif on its ivory leather seating, as well as captivating ambient lighting around the roof and on a wooden flooring. This fashionably arranged illumination is complemented by a distinguished button-style light fixture to truly complete the look.

West Coast Customs completed the Sprinter’s exterior look with a two-tone wrap. A matte white hue wraps much of the vehicle, while a rich navy coats the top. The silver accents were then whitened by the aftermarket team, and the grille and logo were painted black. That dark blue tint is also applied to the black-painted rims, around the curved edge. Highly visible gray buttons are located on the sides, with elegant but subtle PlayStation 5 insignia along the doors.

At the forefront of the Sprinter is a wideview television, encased by the outline of the console. It allows people in the vehicle to enjoy the brand new games on the PlayStation 5, such as Gran Turismo 7, when they’re feeling adventurous.

Sony’s PlayStation van may not be as brash as some of West Coast’s other vehicles. Nonetheless, the Sprinter clearly displays their skill and artistry, incorporating tasteful PS5 branding into various design features. It would seem the only thing absent is a mini refrigerator stocked up with refreshments.

Source: West Coast Customs / YouTube

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