Room West Coast Customs Creates Mobile PlayStation 5 Room in Sprinter

A Gamer’s Paradise.

Sony Entertainment has worked in collaboration with the customization masters at West Coast Customs (WCC) to build up a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that is completely devoted to the PlayStation 5. This lounge revives the mobile gaming experience, being decked out from head to toe with a plethora of the beloved console’s components.

A new movie from WCC has recently been presented which traces the entire construction procedure, ranging from primitive design illustrations to the end product. Musa Tjahjono, the fashioner, was approached to utilize a PS5 controller as his direction and he stated that the Mercedes van would be modified to magnify the PlayStation stamp, with an emphasis on the internal workings.

“This room is going to be a gamer’s paradise! It’s going to boast two captain’s chairs, some display cabinets in the back to show off the consoles, and a center divider that is designed to resemble the shape of the console itself.”

Having the structure all lined up, it was a matter of execution for the project. The Sprinter was painstakingly taken apart and was eventually sheathed in Satin White and had a blue rooftop included. To tie in the design with its classic inspiration, the prominent controller symbols were launched on the hood and side of the van.

PlayStation®5 Gaming Van | West Coast Customs

In order to stand out from the white wrap, WCC coated the exterior trim pieces and rims with black. The nine-spoke wheels boast a blue lip that pairs well with the roof. Though the outside looks complete, there’s still plenty of work to be done inside, which is probably the main feature of this customized van.

“It’s got ‘a lot of woodworking, a lot of fiberglass, and a lot of wiring.’ That’s what Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs, has to say about the process of transforming a car. He adds, ‘There’s just a lot of work.’ Indeed, it’s difficult to envision the end result when you look at the bare interior, but the talented people at WCC are capable of achieving remarkable feats.

The interior decorations have been whitewashed to harmonize with the swathes of leather that dress the posterior area. The black backdrop creates a standout effect for the illuminated PlayStation emblem acting as an arresting focal point.

The symbols of PlayStation are a reoccurring motif throughout, with the renowned triangle, circle, square, and cross emblems being showcased on the seats and overhead lining.

“The van turned out amazing,” said Friedlinghaus. “The exterior is simple and clean, but the interior is something else! When you get in, you’ll be blown away. From the technology, the lighting, and the aesthetic, it’s like you’re inside a PS5!”

We would certainly be in agreement. As you enter the van from the side entrance, the backlit PlayStation insignia greet you. With its extensive use of blue and white tones, the inside appears slick and modern and looks like an ideal spot for any dedicated gamer. In fact, we would say that it is the ideal environment to perfect your tactics on Gran Turismo 7.

Tesla’s in-car gaming system will without a doubt be no match for the much more advanced gaming system BMW has declared their intention to incorporate into upcoming vehicles.

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