Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari Wrecked in Kia Collision

Actor’s Ferrari 812 Superfast: 3-Wheeler After Collision?
Michael B Jordan Crashes Ferrari 812 in Hollywood

It seems that one less Ferrari 812 Superfast exists in the world right now, if the reports are to be believed. Allegedly owned by actor Michael B. Jordan, the blue supercar was involved in a collision with a Kia in L.A. Saturday night, as reported by KTLA.

No injuries have apparently been reported from the accident, and it does not appear that any alcohol- or drug-related factors, or driver incapacity, were involved. TMZ has stated that Jordan was driving at the time when the crash occurred. The authorities have made no arrests and there is no report in regards to tickets being issued. KTLA has verified with police officials that officers arrived on site around 11:35 pm local time. As well, a car accident file has been posted.

No details have yet been revealed about exactly what occurred, however a video from effspot on YouTube offers an up-close view of the accident. It looks like the Ferrari clipped a Kia Niro that was parked alongside the street; major damage is seen to the SUV’s driver side, particularly at the rear area. The quarter panel and wheel arch are broken apart whereas the back bumper remains mostly untouched. If one had to guess, it appears that the 812’s passenger side front tire bumped into the Niro, impacted the fender.

The evidence of this event is undeniable. An old Ferrari wheel lies abandoned on the side of the street accompanied by a severely damaged right-side fender. In addition, suspension pieces are twisted and airbags have been activated inside the vehicle. It’s clear that something serious has gone down here, and all signs point to a fast car no longer in driving order.

Stuffed with a colossal 6.5-litre V12 naturally-aspirated engine churning out an impressive 789 bhp, the 812 Superfast certainly lives up to its title; 0-60 mph taking only an approximate three seconds provided there is sufficient grip at the rear wheels. If pinned fully, you can expect to reach a phenomenal top speed of 212 mph.

Sources: KTLA via TMZ, effspot / YouTube

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