Michael Schumacher Tire Bracelet: $10,000

950 Platinum Pieces & 7 Diamonds

We’ve heard the buzz about the Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher’s vehicles being put out for sale, yet maybe among the most special possessions from this seven-time F1 titleholder is the limited-edition MZ96 bangle, graciously provided by Mongrip.

No, the bracelet was not something Schumacher had sported during his racing days. Rather, it is formed from tires which he employed on the Ferrari F310B for a home competition in Monza in 1996 – the year he changed over to Scuderia Ferrari. He scored a victory in the Italian Grand Prix the following year, even though he wasn’t successful in obtaining the Drivers’ Championship that season. Ahead of Schumi’s accomplishments with the Italian team, Ferrari was struggling; yet, what he managed since then makes that very first season even more exceptional.

MZ96’s platinum bracelet is composed of 30 grams and features an delicate framework with unique traits, such as the dragon logo Schumacher famously adorned in his helmet livery. Adding even more significance to this item is the seven diamonds that salute his seven Formula One titles during 1994-2004 period.

Potentially interested persons are now bestowed with personalisation possibilities, including adjusting the measurements for that perfect fit. Engraving is likewise accessible to clients, granting them to have up to 16 symbols inscribed on the rear of the clasp. Though, this process stretches the shipment period by 10 extra days. Thusly, it is clear that we are not dealing with some prefabricated rubber piece here.

Mongrip brings the MZ96 at a rather economical price tag of €9,600 (or round $10,440 in today’s conversions). However, for the same cost, the Ferrari F2003-GA was sold for an astonishing sum of $14.87 million. One can gain access to the entire range of Ferrari cars, including the Purosangue, with a copious amount of funds remaining in their budget.

The inaugural lot of seven wristbands will be obtainable on December seventh. At the present time, yet to come has been reported regarding the accessibility of the second collection.

However, if you’re not particularly devoted to Schumacher, then the Ayrton Senna Legend Limited Edition – 18K Rose Gold from Mongrip might be a viable option for you. This item carries a cost of €4,400 ($4,785) and incorporates 161 components – in homage to the legendary Formula One driver’s triumphant history of cross-the-line success at 141 F1 events.

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