Win Schumi’s 1998 Ferrari F1 Car

Schumi’s Notable Achievements in 2000 F1 Season

The RM Sotheby’s Sealed Auction in Hong Kong recently featured the Ferrari F1-2000, the race car only driven by Michael Schumacher for his first Drivers’ World Championship victory. This automotive masterpiece does not need a special introduction for devotees of Schumi andEnzo Ferrari, yet for those readers that can just recall how many touchscreens the current model 296 boasts, here is some information.

After four years of striving to render Ferrari contending again, Schumacher was granted the F1-2000 for the foremost campaign of the budding century, with the vehicle featuring enhanced aero and an altered 3.0-liter 90-degree V10 motor delivering 805 horsepower at 17,300 revs per minute.

Complementing Michael Schumacher’s illustrious skills in the driver’s seat and Ross Brawn’s eminent technical aptitude, the F1-2000 proved victorious at the initial race of the season in Australia. Despite this, it is not the particular version presented here.

Qualifying for the second race of the year, Interlagos in Brazil, was not a success for Schumacher. His first car went off-track and sustained substantial damage to its undercarriage. During this era, back-up vehicles were permitted and it was with chassis 198 that he started from the grid on Sunday, eventually taking home the win.

Schumacher’s chassis took him to new heights when it brought him his first pole position of the season at the Spanish Grand Prix. Subsequently, it was in Monaco, where Schumacher snatched another pole and, for a while, maintained a healthy lead of 35 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor. Unfortunately, he was unable to propel Ferrari to a memorable victory due to a broken pushrod. However, chassis 198 made a comeback at the A1-Ring in Austria nonetheless.

Unfortunately, Ricardo Zonta, driving a BAR-Honda car, unfortunately managed to crash into Schumacher at the start, thereby ending their races before the competition could really begin. If the name of Zonta doesn’t seem familiar, it’s due to his insufficiently impressive F1 tally of merely three points amid his career as a whole.

The damage was quite slight, however the automobile still needed to be serviced. Despite that, chassis made it to the remaining races of that season, but had no more participation in Grand Prix’s. In Maranello the car underwent a full reconstruction and the following March, 2001, it showed up at Geneva International Motor Show. Then Kevin Crowder from Texas, a Ferrari collector, purchased it; having been given Ferrari Classiche authentication in 2005, he readied it for use in F1 Clienti events. In 2016 its current owner bought it and took it to Ferrari Corse Clienti for the various competitions.

Lot 101 will be up for sale between the 3rd and 12th of April, but no price estimate has been issued. Schumacher’s F2003-GA was sold for a record-breaking $14.87 million last year, the largest amount ever paid for an ex-Formula One car, so could this one pull in more?

Being the first Championship-winning motor vehicle from the Schumacher/Ferrari golden era, one can surely say that would be put on a pedestal. Indeed, its success is an impressive feat which should not be overlooked. In addition to this, it serves as a lasting symbol or in other words, a reminder, of the incredible triumphs and victories achieved within this winning run.

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