Mid-Engined Insanity: V10 VW Golf

Golf-Shaped Audi R8 Hybrid

JP Performance, a team of builders situated in Germany, has introduced their unbelievable V10-powered tube-frame Volkswagen Golf Mk III created for the 2023 Essen Motor Show. This vehicle was previously presented as a design theory and was assumed to compete in rallies; that is no longer attainable.

As can plainly be seen from watching the video, there is little resemblance between the finished vehicle and the standard Volkswagen Golf. The team decided to go with a fully customized frame instead of the original chassis. VW enthusiasts might become quite excited about this, but it was a logical choice for making sure that it would fit together properly and work with the necessary components.

It could very possibly be the response to why they managed to effortlessly assemble the whole automobile.

JP Performance - Das müsst ihr LIVE sehen! | Wir machen den G3 EMS ready!

The extravagant Golf MkIII has undergone a powertrain transformation, and now hosts a 5.2-litre V10 unit taken from an Audi R8. This arrangement mimics that of the wildly designed MR23T produced by Hyundai. To complete the overhaul, the technicians have also incorporated the Audi R8’s gearbox, drive shafts and steering system. Everyone is admiring the striking exhaust and marvellous custom intake manifold.

JC Performance’s Jean Pierre statest that his creation was influenced by the unhinged Golf GTI W12-650. He went on to explain that it boasts a dual-turbo 6.0L W12 engine from a Bentley Continental GT.

Going back to JP Performance’s stunning work of art, its front fascia, doors, and some exterior components are still from the original Golf yet it has been widened to give it a more threatening appearance.

When JP Performance took on such a wacky venture, an eye-catching palette was the perfect choice. Through its striking pastel mint green coat and vivid pink tube frame sections, the look of the car is unmistakable. Speaking of attention-grabbing, they even adorned the Rotiform wheels with the same remarkable mint hue.

“The build is complete, but the German YouTube channel has yet to post a video showing the car moving using its own power. This means that when the car made its debut at Essen, it was only a static display,” said a spokesperson.

Nevertheless, we look forward to witnessing the figures this entity can attain once it is running.

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