Mini Cooper S Giggling at Snow with Triangle Wheels

Spotting an Unpredicted Hatchback in Alaska

The well-known Mini Cooper is notorious for its small stature, making it ideal for maximizing ease and comfort while driving on a daily basis. However, one particular Alaskan owner has taken the diminutive hatchback to a whole new level by adapting it to thrive under the extremities of winter powering it with triangle tank track wheels. A video, which was shared on TikTok by user mojo2022, showcases this extraordinary adaptation.

Given the owner of the vehicle is situated in snowy Alaska, the revised wheel system makes sense. However, this alteration in equipment may have a greater purpose than only changing the wheels; front-wheel-drive cars from the manufacturer are not built to handle such conditions, so if one is to entirely switch to an all-wheel-drive set up, then navigation and handling will improve considerably.

Intriguingly, the tracks have been installed onto each wheel like with the Nissan Rogue Warrior Trail one-off venture shown in 2017. Unhappily, the brief footage didn’t demonstrate the Mini Cooper S being driven, consequently we can’t understand how it’s been constructed. Nevertheless, assuming that it is AWD, it should be competent of driving and turning on snow more smoothly (without simply towing the tracks at the back).

It seems as though this Mini would come equipped with a 1.6-liter supercharged inline four should it stay in its original form. This engine is capable of delivering a decent 168 horsepower and a solid 162 lb-ft of torque. Although EV conversions for Minis have become popular, this rig evidently still has its exhaust pipes, meaning it is not electric.

One rarely finds track wheels on a Mini Cooper (or any other car, for that matter). The owner of such an uncommon ride necessarily possess great vehicle-building knowledge and skills. Navigating the uncharted terrain of equipping a 4×4 SUV with track wheels is likely to be especially tricky and custom-built, since there aren’t many brands that offer mini tracks.

Once again, this isn’t the premier instance in which we have seen a vehicle featured withtank treads. This Mini Cooper perceives itself in favorable company, grouped alongside theVW T1 Bus outfitted with semi-track wheels taken from the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles assemblage.

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