Mini Unveils New Cooper Design

No More Information Given

We stumble upon this shot of the all-new Mini Cooper Hardtop Two-Door finally in its full, undisguised form. Shown beneath is a Cooper S set off with a radiant blue body and a spectacular white top and matching mirror covers. While conserving its typical round headlights, it received the lighting up grille trim from the Aceman Concept.

The lime green S badge and the absence of exhaust ports in the back suggests that this may be the first Cooper S to be completely electric. The next-generation Cooper is rumored to come with gas, diesel (Europe only), and electric powertrains, but it is still uncertain which trims will be available with which powertrains. We anticipate that the gas model will appear similar to the EV. When CarBuzz requested for more information about the car, Mini replied, “There is no additional information we’re able to share on this car at this time.”

Few extra specifics regarding the power output, range, or charging rate of the vehicle have yet to be divulged. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer gander at these pics to determine if we can learn something extra.

To begin with, the taillights boast a completely novel shape and the door handles have been given the same flush design that BMW has been utilizing on its most recent models. Regarding the Cooper S wheels, they are among the most remarkable we’ve ever witnessed, with a design that can be described as a “broken spoke” pattern. Mini employed a two-tone silver/black combination, giving the illusion that the car’s twin-spoke wheels are actually cracked and suspended within the tire.

Mini opted not to divulge any interior images, but it’s likely the new Cooper S will flaunt some flashy sporty seats with a mix of two colors. Prior leaked photos indicate the interior will shift quite a bit compared to the current Cooper. The speedometer has been removed; instead, there is a retractable HUD on the dashboard. Other data will appear on a fresh, circular multimedia display and the climate control panel will be beneath.

Anticipation has been building for the upcoming Cooper-model, due to make its appearance by 2024. Yet, no formal announcements have yet been made. Rest assured, though, in its redesign the vehicle is sure to maintain its adorable profile.

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