BMW M2 Revamped with 560 Horsepower Boost and Updated Appearance

Manhart boosts BMW M2 with 100 extra horses and bold new design.

After being previewed in 2022, Manhart has officially released their initial version of the G82 BMW M2, known as the MH2 560. This model features a range of exciting upgrades, including an increase in performance.

Dubbed the MH2 560, this impressive vehicle boasts a remarkable output of 560 metric horsepower (equivalent to 552 horsepower), which is about 100 more than its original performance. Additionally, its torque has also been significantly enhanced from 406 to an impressive 479 lb-ft. Such commendable improvements have been achieved through the use of a TÜV-approved Manhart MHtronik supplementary control system.

The source of energy is sourced from a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six, which is also utilized in the M3 and M4 models of the same brand. In the past, Manhart had previously modified the older F87 generation M2, managing to increase the output to a slightly lower 550 horsepower.

The MH2 560 by Manhart received a set of performance-enhancing enhancements, including sport downpipes equipped with HJS catalytic converters, a stainless steel exhaust system that features a valve control function, and sleek black tailpipes. For customers outside of Germany, the choice to add Manhart race downpipes and 200-cell catalytic converters is available exclusively.

As evident from the sneak peek, the tuner has also altered the design, ultimately featuring blue highlights as opposed to the previous gold. The vehicle can be acquired with 21-inch alloy wheels in a sleek diamond-polished look, one inch larger than the original size. Nevertheless, potential buyers have the choice of 20-inch wheels fitted with 265/30ZR20 tires at the front and 285/30ZR20 tires at the back.

While BMW’s carbon fiber package may only provide a fresh roof, Manhart has fully capitalized on the potential of this material in their newest M2 endeavor. The utilization of carbon fiber extends to various exterior components such as the hood attachment, kidney grille, front bumper inserts, front spoiler lip, side skirts, spoiler, and rear diffuser.

Additional specifications consist of suspension enhancement, Variant 4 adjustable suspension system designed by KW Suspensions, KW springs for improved coilover performance, M Performance mirror covers, and Manhart carpets for the floorboards.

The tuner hailing from Germany did not disclose the cost of its customized BMW M2. However, in the United States, the base price for the M2 is $63,200 after a recent increase for the 2024 edition, which unfortunately did not include the anticipated 22 horsepower boost. Those seeking greater performance may want to consider approaching Manhart for upgrades.

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