Manhart’s Quad-Turbo Diesel X5: A Refined Powerhouse

Torque-y Power with Elegant Design in X5 M Competition

Not nearly as outrageous as Mansory, German tuner Manhart is renowned for its fanciful variations of whole-power BMW M and Mercedes-AMG automobiles. But with the brand-new Manhart X5 G05 M50d, we can observe yet another facet of the customizr. Not only has Manhart opted to modify a diesel rather than an upper-level X5 M, but it has consciously abstained from tampering with the design – however, a 395-horsepower SUV mounted on 23″ wheels will be difficult to overlook. This certainly marks a stark contrast to their ostentatious MH4 GTR II conversion of an M4 CSL.

The tuner insists that “sometimes less is even more” when referring to the G05 M50d, and we couldn’t agree more. This is a tastefully modified luxury Autobahn cruiser and a reminder of the amazing turbodiesel engines that Americans have unfortunately not had the opportunity to experience.

The G05 M50d from Manhart comes from the groundwork of the pre-facelift X5, thus doesn’t have the styling enhancements from the new 2024 X5. Despite that, the classic design still is up to date and attractive. With a full black attire and a pitch-black grille, it displays a quite intimidating attitude and – interestingly enough – even without Manhart’s familiar, shiny gold decals. Not to say the vehicle hasn’t been accentuated in other ways either, with numerous body augmentations from Larte Design made of carbon fiber, such as the multi-piece front spoiler attachment, a bunch of inserts in the hood, and the radiator grille.

Particular side trim add-ons, outlines for the flanks’ air holes, as well as capes for the mirrors are also up-to-date. Nonetheless, these features are outshined by Manhart Classic Line Y-shaped rims. Standing at 23 inches tall and offering a matte black finish, they are fitted with Continental SportContact 7 tires.

Towards the back, more carbon features can be seen including a sizeable diffuser. Subtle black exhaust pipes tie the whole look together along with the addition of a spoiler just beneath the back window. Manhart opted for some level of restraint in the interior too, but added their signature floor mats bearing their logo embroidered on them. We are very happy to observe this degree of reservation.

Chilling developments await under the bonnet! This 3.0-litre six cylinder diesel engine has been one of BMW’s greatest successes, producing 395 hp and a colossal 561 lb-ft torque as a result of four turbochargers striking up. Manhart turned to mavens in Wuppertal who refitted a MHtronik extra control unit, raising outputs to an extra 459 hp and 642 lb-ft; that’s a near 100 lb-ft exceed what the X5 M Competition achieves.

In terms of pricing, some central components are the 23″ rims for €7,545 (approximately $8,115 according to current rates), the MHtronik Powerbox is €2,195 ($2,360), and the Larte Design carbon rear diffuser stands at €3,665 ($3,942).

We don’t advocate for a Manhart transformation, yet if you choose to undertake one, this is certainly the most preferred choice.

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