Morgan’s Lightweight Electric Three-Wheeler: 1,540 Lbs.

150 Miles on One Charge

Even miniscule car companies must come to grips with the fact that an electric future is unavoidable. However, for those making sports cars that set a premium on slimness, the challenge of accommodating a power pack and an electric motor can be more formidable than it would be to fit a gasoline engine.

Demonstrating that reducing the burden of an electric vehicle does not have to be overly difficult, Caterham unveiled its Project V electric coupe. Subsequently, another British maker is now showing their innovations when it comes to light and sporty electric-powered transportation.

Introduce yourself to the Morgan XP-1, an original concept with a wholly electric makeup. Constructed based upon the Ford Super 3 model, its internal engine parts have been removed and replaced in order to permit for its modern equipment. Interesting to note is that this automobile contains the first powertrain initiated by Morgan from within – be it of a gasoline type or an electrical motor.

In an effort to minimize expenditure on expansion, the engineers mounted the electric motor in the already present transmission jacket. It is rated at 134hp (100kw), supplying energy exclusively to the rear wheel. The e-motor receives current from a small 33kWh battery pack inserted into the regular location of a gasoline engine on the Super 3. When fully charged, the resource lasts up to 150 miles (241km).

Weighing in at less than 1,543 lbs (700 kg), the Morgan XP-1 is only about 132 lbs (60 kg) heftier than its gas-powered equivalent. The drag coefficient of the donor vehicle being 0.65, alterations to the underbody, spokes, and bonnet have caused it to reduce to 0.42, resulting in a third decrease in drag and thus increased efficiency.

The Morgan XP-1 has been designed with four distinct drive modes that are amusingly represented on the digital pilot’s monitor by chili images. To compensate for the added weight, the electric tricycle has been outfitted with Nitron adjustable dampers and its spring rates have been altered. Additionally, the battery is capable of rapid charging and offers bidirectional capability.

Morgan isn’t ready to discuss the possibility of a production version yet, but Chief Technical Officer Matt Hole informed Autocar that it would cost “just north of Super 3”. The Ford-powered model is available for purchase at 12 showrooms in the United States, with a retail price of $53,938.

Source: Morgan

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