New Charger Police Car on Dodge’s Radar.

Dodge CEO Recognizes Police as Key Income for Charger Brand

The arrival of the new Dodge Charger has sparked inquiries regarding the potential availability of a law enforcement-specific version, similar to those offered in previous iterations of the vehicle.

When questioned about the potential availability of a “Pursuit” edition for the recently released Charger, CEO Tim Kuniskis assured journalists that it is “definitely something we are considering.”

Although Dodge does not provide specific figures for each type of Charger, Kuniskis acknowledged the significant role law enforcement plays in the Charger’s sales. However, he declined to confirm any potential plans and simply stated that the future of the police-model Charger has yet to be decided.

Ever since Ford stopped producing the Crown Victoria in 2012, the Charger has become the go-to sedan for law enforcement across the country. It is widely used in various levels of government agencies, from local to state to federal.

There is some uncertainty surrounding the potential release of a Charger Pursuit, as it remains to be seen if it will be modeled after the upcoming all-electric Charger Daytona or the inline-six gas-powered Charger “Sixpack” set to debut in 2025. As with previous Pursuit models, law enforcement officials can expect a variety of customization options to tailor the vehicle to their specific needs.

As the release of the Charger Daytona approaches, it is only a matter of time before we discover the outcome for one of the most renowned police vehicles in America. With its arrival at dealerships just around the corner, anticipation grows for the fate of this beloved car.

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