New Hypercar Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera Unveiling Carbon Wing Tease

New Battery Boosts Wing Size of Impressive Object.

Hispano Suiza has provided us with an exclusive glimpse at their latest hypercar, the Carmen Sagrera. This upcoming model is a modified version of the original Hispano Suiza Carmen and serves as a successor to the Carmen Boulogne. The official unveiling of the Carmen Sagrera is scheduled for June, which also marks the brand’s 120th anniversary.

Similar to its counterparts, the Sagrera is set to be a high-performance electric sports car, following in the footsteps of the Rimac Nevera and Pininfarina Battista. Its dominant feature will be a 103 kWh battery, surpassing the standard Carmen and Carmen Boulogne models by 25% in terms of capacity. This upgraded power source is expected to result in enhancements to the current 248-mile range offered by these vehicles.

The brand has described the design of the car as having “a real statement of intent,” featuring a giant carbon fiber wing.

An exclusive first look at the Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera

The teaser clip portrays a striking feature of the wing dividing into two parts, with a pointed tail-like pontoon in the center, resembling the iconic design element seen in traditional Carmen models. This unique design pays homage to the brand’s original coachwork, for which it gained fame during its initial years.

Unfortunately, that is the extent of what we are able to glimpse in the teasers. This leaves us with questions about whether the Carmen Sagrera – a tribute to the La Sagrera area where Hispano Suiza’s original factory was located in 1911 – will have more strength than the Carmen Boulogne. The Carmen Boulogne boasts an impressive electric powertrain, generating 1,100 horsepower and 848 lb-ft of torque, and achieving 0-62 mph in less than 2.6 seconds.

Several components will remain mostly the same, such as the placement of the battery in the main backbone of the carbon fiber frame and the custom-made carbon fiber exterior.

We anticipate a highly detailed interior, which has become a defining feature since the brand’s revitalization in 2019.

Naturally, personalization will have a significant impact. Last year, when the company unveiled its new brand identity, it made a point of appealing to customers who strive for individuality. This was exemplified by Michael Fux’s bold choice of ordering a vivid purple Carmen Boulogne, showcasing the vast array of unconventional options offered through the automaker’s comprehensive customization program.

It is certain that further details will emerge leading up to the unveiling of Sagrera in June of this year. Therefore, we will continue to keep you informed as we receive new information.

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